Anti-Fascist Struggle Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Thursday, June 22nd. There are until the next observance.

Croatians celebrate Anti-Fascist Struggle Day on June 22 every year. It commemorates the start of the Yugoslav uprisings against invading German and Italian forces during World War II. Germany and its allies, as well as Italy and Bulgaria, among others, invaded and quickly gained control of the Yugoslav Empire. The capitulation of the Empire’s army rocked Yugoslavians to their core. However, they soon awoke and staged armed uprisings in several locations, beginning with the first Partisan formation in the woodland of Brezovica near Sisak.

📆 When is Anti-Fascist Struggle Day?

This year, Anti-Fascist Struggle Day is on June 22nd. It is the 4th Thursday in June; in 2024, it is on Saturday.

Countdown to Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

Did you know: Croatia has sunshine for more than a quarter of the year.

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📜 History of Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

The invasion of the Empire by Germany and its allies occurred too quickly for Yugoslavians to resist. However, a few months later, in 1941, several brave Yugoslavians left their homes and retired to the Brezovica forests close to Sisak after realizing how dangerous their towns had become. The First Sisak Partisan Detachment, the first of many future communist-led guerilla units that mounted what became recognized as the biggest resistance force in occupied Europe in 1944, was founded on June 22 by a total of 77 men, many of them Croatians.

Yugoslavians were ultimately granted freedom in 1945 with the defeat of Nazi Germany. A few years prior, the number of occupying soldiers had already started to decrease. In contrast to the Hungarians, who left the Empire in 1942, the Italians left in 1943. Only 38 of the 77 combatants that made up the First Sisak Partisan Detachment survived. In Sisak, the departed were laid to rest in a unique memorial garden.

☑️ Anti-Fascist Struggle Day facts

It has a UNESCO record
Croatia has the most UNESCO intangible goods in Europe.

The currency has a unique name
The Croatian currency is named Kuna, after a native rodent.

There are dialects everywhere
Croatia has too many dialects to count, to the point where people barely understand each other.

Things to do on Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

Lay wreaths
Visit the memorial park devoted to the uprising’s First Detachment. Place a wreath to remember the valiant heroes who fought for their country’s independence.

Reminisce on the struggles
Remember the sacrifices and efforts made by all Croatians who stood up to liberate their country from occupation. There is a wealth of material available to assist you with remembering.

Visit Sisak
See the city that started it all for yourself. It will be an exciting journey as you discover more about this location.

📅 Anti-Fascist Struggle Day Observances

2022 June 22 Wednesday
2023 June 22 Thursday
2024 June 22 Saturday
2025 June 22 Sunday
2026 June 22 Monday

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