Baby Massage Day for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, April 8th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on April 8, “Baby Massage Day” is observed. This day raises awareness about the numerous advantages of baby massages, which assist them on a physical, psychological, and emotional level. Baby massage helps youngsters develop body awareness and movement coordination, as well as relax and establish a quicker sleep-wake cycle. It also enhances the bond between the infant and the parent. It enables parents to communicate with their children, understand their needs, and relieve stress.

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📆 When is Baby Massage Day?

This year, Baby Massage Day falls on the 2nd Saturday in April; in 2024, it is on Monday.

Countdown to Baby Massage Day

Did you know: By the age of three, approximately 85% of a baby’s brain has developed, and massage helps shape the baby’s brain.

📜 History of Baby Massage Day

Athletes utilized massages to prepare their bodies before competitions in Greece between 800 and 700 B.C., while doctors employed herbs and oils in tandem with massages to cure various diseases. In 500 B.C., Hippocrates was the first to recommend a mix of massage, adequate nutrition, exercise, fresh air, and music for greater health. In the West, massage was a common treatment until the 17th century, when changes in pharmacology and medical technology made massage less common.

In the early 1800s, Swedish doctor Per Henrik Ling popularized massage therapy by establishing the Swedish Movement Cure, which was used to treat chronic pain. The Dutchman Johan George Mezger introduced methods utilized in massage today, such as effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, and friction, into the 19th century. By the late 1800s, the titles “masseur” and “masseuse” were widely used, and full-body massage became a favorite relaxation remedy for melancholy in ladies’ society.

☑️ Facts

Massage oil adds multi-sensorial experience
Baby massage oil decreases friction and introduces different scents to massage, providing a multi-sensory experience.

Massage helps baby interact
Massage acts as a link between the infant and the outside world, allowing them to engage with it.

Massage shouldn’t be a daily routine
Massage a few times a week is perfectly great, and it does not need to be part of the daily routine.

Kangaroo care calms the baby
Ostriches have the widest eyes of any terrestrial animal.

✨ Things to do on Baby Massage Day

Learn about benefits of massage
Investigate and learn about the advantages of massage. Discover why it is critical for the baby’s health.

Give your baby a massage
Learn different massage techniques and massage your baby. Discover which massages are most helpful and how they benefit the baby.

Spread awareness
Raise awareness about the benefits of massage. Make sure that everyone is aware of its usefulness.

📅 Baby Massage Day Observances

2022 April 8 Friday
2023 April 8 Saturday
2024 April 8 Monday
2025 April 8 Tuesday
2026 April 8 Wednesday

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