Carb Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Friday, May 26th. There are until the next observance.

Carb Day is marked on the final Friday before the Indianapolis 500, which will be held on May 26 this year. It gets its name from the term “carburetion,” and this day features the largest automobile race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, with the last practice session taking place before the race. This is when teams adjust their carburetors or chassis to ensure that the cars are race-ready. Although no eligible automobiles have employed carburetors since 1963, the moniker has endured. Carb Day has become linked with partying, and it is a massive celebration held before each race, with concerts including many prominent musicians.

📆 When is Carb Day?

This year, Carb Day is on May 26th. It is the 4th Friday in May; in 2024, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to Carb Day

Did you know: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a National Historic Landmark that spans 253 acres.

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📜 History of Carb Day

The Indianapolis 500 pre-race events include the Pit Stop Challenge and the Indy Lights Freedom 100. In 1977, The Pit Stop Challenge made its premiere. One of the main attractions of Carb Day, this event gives pit stop crew members an opportunity to shine. Although it is mostly a good time, the crews take it extremely seriously. The supporting race for the main event is the Indy Lights Freedom 100 car race. The initial race did not take place on Carb Day and was only held once, in 1979.

The race was conducted on the second weekend of the time trials when it was formally added to the calendar of events in 2003. Due to the low turnout, this day ended up being disliked. The Indy Lights Freedom 100 motor race was relocated to Carb Day in 2005. Since the 1990s, live performances have been a significant draw. Instead of downtown, the performances were performed at the track itself in 2005. Typically, rock singers and bands like Rick Springfield, REO Speedwagon, and Styx perform at these Carb Day events.

☑️ Carb Day facts

The winner drinks milk
At the end of the race, the winner must consume a pint of milk.

The youngest winner was 22
In 1952, Troy Ruttman was the youngest winner.

A celebrity drives the pace car
The pace car, which is usually piloted by a celebrity, leads the vehicles down the circuit at the start of the race.

Things to do on Carb Day

Attend Carb Day
Get your tickets now for Carb Day. Nothing beats seeing vehicles race and compete in person at the track.

Host a Carb Day party
Invite your friends to join you in watching the Carb Day festivities. While on the sidelines, share laughs and cheer for your favorite teams.

Go racing
Race go-carts with your pals. You may select between an indoor electric go-kart track and an outdoor racing facility.

📅 Carb Day Observances

2023 May 26 Friday
2024 May 26 Sunday
2025 May 26 Monday
2026 May 26 Tuesday
2027 May 26 Wednesday

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