Celebration of Life Week for the year 2022 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, January 1st. There are until the next observance.

The attitude of Celebration of Life Week, which is held annually in the first week of January, is gratitude. This week was designed to let us break free from our routines and glide into the new year with grateful hearts. It inspires us to appreciate life and all of its amazing benefits.

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📆 When is Celebration of Life Week?

This year, Celebration of Life Week falls on the 1st Saturday in January; in 2023, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to Celebration of Life Week

Did you know: New Year’s Eve is the fourth most popular holiday in the United States.

📜 History of Celebration of Life Week

Celebration of Life Week reminds us of the most essential thing we should be celebrating: life! This week urges us to appreciate the seemingly insignificant fact that we are alive to live another day. This week is especially intriguing since there is no set pattern for celebrating life. After all, it is your life that you are living.

There are so many things in life to be thankful for. You can begin with your major accomplishments, such as the house you just closed on, the raise your employer just awarded you, or even the dieting goal you just met. You can then go to apparently little goals, such as mastering a new dish or finally finishing that book you’ve been reading. Personal accomplishments, such as overcoming an emotional barrier, are equally worthy of recognition.

However, as we enjoy all of the wonderful things that life has provided us, we must remember that being alive is what allows us to have successes to celebrate. So, as we celebrate all of the amazing things that are happening in our lives, we must also appreciate the natural things that we get to enjoy.

There is no history to this week, but it is commemorated yearly in the first week of January to urge us to appreciate life for what it is: a lovely and amazing gift.

☑️ Celebration of Life Week facts

The ball hasn’t been dropped twice
The Times Square Ball has been dropped yearly since 1905, with the exception of 1942 and 1943, owing to World War II illumination limitations.

Sparkling wine is a hit
More than 360 million glasses of sparkling wine are consumed on New Year’s Eve.

Peas and grapes bring good luck
Some individuals consume at least 365 black-eyed peas to bring good luck, while 12 grapes are eaten at midnight in Spain.

It involves a lot of confetti
Grabatologists’ are necktie collectors and lovers.

✨ Things to do on Celebration of Life Week

Take a long walk
Long walks can help you put your life into perspective. It might be the lovely trees and plants we pass by, the birds tweeting, or even the breeze blowing over our hair. Walks offer you a front-row seat to nature and can increase your appreciation for the beauty of life. Take a long stroll, or several walks, this week to appreciate the beauty of life.

Host a party
We realize you must be exhausted from all of the Christmas celebrations, but this party is not to be missed. Host a life celebration party and invite all of your friends and family to join you in celebrating their lives. Spend the day dancing, eating, and enjoying yourself.

Treat yourself
Make it a point to treat yourself to something lovely this week. You deserve it just because you are alive and capable of doing so! So, whether it’s that lovely garment you’ve been eyeing or that new restaurant down the block, treat yourself to something that makes your soul happy.

📅 Celebration of Life Week Observances

2022 January 1 Saturday
2023 January 1 Sunday
2024 January 1 Monday
2025 January 1 Wednesday
2026 January 1 Thursday

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