Celebration of the Horse Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, July 15th. There are until the next observance.

The goal of Celebration of the Horse Day, which is observed annually on July 15, is to encourage people to consider the economic, cultural, and historical contributions that horses have made to the United States. It was also established to recognize the significance of horses to the country’s security, recreation, and history, as well as their ongoing effect on America through media such as cinema and their presence in open space.

📆 When is Celebration of the Horse Day?

This year, Celebration of the Horse Day is on July 15th. It is the 3rd Saturday in July; in 2024, it is on Monday.

Countdown to Celebration of the Horse Day

Did you know: The modern domesticated horse has a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.

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📜 History of Celebration of the Horse Day

From the 1500s until the mid-1800s, when crossbreeding became prevalent, Colonial Spanish Horses were widespread in the southeast and west of the United States. Equine herds known as mustangs roamed the plains at the same time as some horses were released into the wild. There are currently more than 33,000 wild horses in the United States.

Native Americans first got horses in the 1500s and 1600s. The Blackfoot and Crow were among the next tribes to acquire them, followed by the Comanches. For Native Americans of the Great Plains, horses were particularly important.

In the 1800s, cowboys used horses for hauling, farming, and transportation, as well as on ranches and cattle drives. During this time, thoroughbred racing started, which helped make horse racing more popular.

As the 1900s got underway, horses were bred for both military and agricultural purposes, but as mechanical transportation became more common after World War I, horse numbers started to dwindle. In 1915, there were nearly 20 million horses in the country; by 1959, there were just 4.5 million. Currently, there are roughly 9.2 million horses in the United States.

☑️ Celebration of the Horse Day facts

Horses have a nearly 360-degree range of vision.

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Horses lack teeth in the center of their mouths.

Horses do not breathe using their mouths.

Things to do on Celebration of the Horse Day

Take riding lessons
Take horseback riding lessons to commemorate this day! It is an ideal chance to spend quality time with these incredible creatures.

Read about horse history
You could spend the day reading a horse history book. They had a huge effect on America, particularly in the 1800s.

Watch a film
If you want to celebrate in a more passive fashion, go to the movies. To see some stunning horses on the big screen, watch a period piece.

📅 Celebration of the Horse Day Observances

2023 July 15 Saturday
2024 July 15 Monday
2025 July 15 Tuesday
2026 July 15 Wednesday
2027 July 15 Thursday

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