Chainmail Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Friday, September 22nd. There are until the next observance.

Chainmail Day is celebrated yearly on September 22nd, and we are getting ready to honor the historical and fantastic armor that is still relevant today! Do you know that chainmail can be seen in practically every medieval civilization and was the backbone of armies throughout that time period, especially among the Romans? It is a type of armor that is made of metal links that are linked together. It is usually worn over a layer of leather or padded fabric.

📆 When is Chainmail Day?

This year, Chainmail Day is on September 22nd. It is the 4th Friday in September; in 2024, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to Chainmail Day

Did you know: Officials started to use it as a sign of rank for the military and other groups.

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📜 History of Chainmail Day

Because mail is the French word meaning “chain,” the name chainmail is redundant. As a result, it might simply be referred to as “mail.”

Throughout the ancient and medieval periods, mail was primarily constructed of iron wire, which was considerably easier to get than iron plates. Between the third and sixteenth centuries A.D., it was widely used in European warfare.

Butting and riveting are the two procedures used to create this medieval piece of armor. Riveted mail rings are frequently coupled with solid punched rings to reduce work. Butted chainmail has the rings twisted together with no mechanical connection keeping the ends together. Both methods generate mail that is extremely resistant to cutting and stabbing.

The advantage of chainmail was its ability to protect the wearer while enabling them to move freely. While it was ineffective against piercing weapons like spears and arrows, it was extremely effective against bladed weapons like a sword and a dagger.

Chainmail’s utility for defense declined as weapons technology evolved and firearms were produced, but it is still employed for protection in a variety of sectors and areas today.

☑️ Chainmail Day facts

Adopted for use by sculptors
People began to utilize chainmail to build sculptures.

Used in jewelry
Jewelry designers started to see the possibilities of metal and use it in their designs.

Chainmail is made to be worn as scarves on the head for aesthetics and meaning.

Things to do on Chainmail Day

Join a Chainmail Fan Club
Find fan groups in your area or on the internet that share your love for medieval items. Then go ahead and enjoy yourself by engaging in club events.

Fabricate your own chainmail
It is not difficult to create your own chainmail. You may make your own using thick gauge wire, needle-nose pliers, and a soldering iron, of course, while following instructions online or from any credible source you can find.

Create an online platform to host fellow enthusiasts
You may attract folks who share your interest in chainmail by creating a website or a social media profile. With time, you could even be able to sell and buy chainmail products there.

📅 Chainmail Day Observances

2022 September 22 Thursday
2023 September 22 Friday
2024 September 22 Sunday
2025 September 22 Monday
2026 September 22 Tuesday

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