Create a Great Funeral Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, October 30th. There are until the next observance.

You won’t have to worry about not knowing how to organize your loved ones’ funerals if you follow our advice and plan for Create a Great Funeral Day on October 30. You may also tell people how you want to be remembered on Create a Great Funeral Day. Similarly, you must be aware of how your loved ones wish to say their final farewell.

📆 When is Create a Great Funeral Day?

This year, Create a Great Funeral Day is on October 30th. It is the 5th Sunday in October; in 2023, it is on Monday.

Countdown to Create a Great Funeral Day

Did you know: This workbook was written by Stephanie West Allen, the founder of Create a Great Funeral Day, based on her personal experiences.

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📜 History of Create a Great Funeral Day

These experiences motivated Allen to dedicate a day to preparing funerals for our loved ones in order to save the grieving from having to go from pillar to post in order to offer the deceased a proper farewell. She wanted to encourage people to sit with their loved ones and discuss how they wanted to depart the world, so she designated October 30 as “Create a Great Funeral Day.”

The goal of Create a Great Funeral Day is to create an environment in which people feel comfortable enough to contemplate and talk about how they want to be remembered, as well as to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing the departed soul’s ultimate desires have been met. If everything is organized far in advance, funerals will not add to the burden of loved ones who are already dealing with sorrow. Planning your funeral ahead of time, regardless of age or health, is also a great chance to reflect on your legacy and leave beautiful memories behind.

☑️ Create a Great Funeral Day facts

“The Party of Your Life”
Erika Dillman wrote a humorous guide on making funerals pleasant and stress-free.

“A Good Goodbye”
In his book, Gail Rubin, a death educator, shares knowledge, inspiration, and resources for offering unique and meaningful farewells to your loved ones in his book.

“Death Warmed Over”
A book covering global funeral customs, rituals, and traditions.

Things to do on Create a Great Funeral Day

Talk about it
Gather your loved ones and have a casual talk about the ideal funeral arrangements. As the subject of death causes many to clam up, try to keep the tone of the conversation light. Consider how you might make your funeral special by adding pieces of your life.

Visualize your funeral
Sit in a quiet spot with some soulful music and imagine how you want people to say goodbye to you. Imagine a pleasant funeral where people will remember you for the memories you have left behind.

Eliminate the fear of death
The unpredictability and untimeliness of losing a loved one is a big reason why people avoid discussing death. Discuss your funeral with your loved ones so that when the time comes, they don’t have to deal with the anxiety of having to live without you. No amount of planning can help you deal with bereavement, but it can assist in minimizing your fear of it.

📅 Create a Great Funeral Day Observances

2022 October 30 Sunday
2023 October 30 Monday
2024 October 30 Wednesday
2025 October 30 Thursday
2026 October 30 Friday

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