Data Privacy Week for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Monday, January 24th. There are until the next observance.

Data Privacy Week, which takes place from January 24 to January 28, is an international initiative to raise awareness about digital data privacy and how it is utilized and occasionally abused by organizations. Individual privacy should be respected, and businesses should be more clear about how they manage customer data, according to the cause.

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📆 When is Data Privacy Week?

This year, Data Privacy Week falls on the 4th Monday in January; in 2023, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to Data Privacy Week

Did you know: Google monitors and tracks 40% of all web traffic.

📜 History of Data Privacy Week

Data Protection Day was established on April 26, 2006, to celebrate the signing of Convention 108, with the date of commemoration set for January 28. In 2022, the holiday will be turned into a week-long event called Data Privacy Week.

Data Privacy Week teaches consumers about internet privacy, how to tell if their personal information is being exploited, and what precautions should be taken to prevent data breaches. The holiday also encourages businesses to stop misusing customer information and take responsibility for how they get and use customer information.

Every internet behavior leaves a digital footprint. It is all gathered and shared without the user’s awareness, whether it be an individual’s online activity, regularly visited websites, or personal information such as identification numbers. As the digital hub expands and children are more exposed to internet culture than ever before, it is becoming increasingly necessary to manage and secure personal information online. We advise everyone to be cautious about their privacy settings, passwords, and where they post sensitive information.

☑️ Data Privacy Week facts

Google isn’t the only company
Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft are all in the running to measure user behavior and online traffic.

It’s mostly for ads
The major goal of gathering user data is to provide targeted advertisements.

Privacy laws exist for individuals
Individuals can reclaim complete control of their data and even exercise their right to be forgotten under privacy regulations.

Replica profiles are created
“La Mer” by Charles Trenet has been covered 4,000 times in total, including a rendition by Cliff Richard.

✨ Things to do on Data Privacy Week

Change your passwords
This is a basic yet effective method of data protection. Because passwords are vulnerable to data leaks, it is a good idea to replace them every few months.

Manage your privacy
Take into consideration all of your internet information. Make a note of which websites can see your personal information and get to know the privacy settings for those sites.

Learn more about data privacy
Learn how and why large corporations, such as Facebook, obtain user data. Everyone has access to the terms of service and privacy agreements.

📅 Data Privacy Week Observances

2022 January 24 Monday
2023 January 24 Tuesday
2024 January 24 Wednesday
2025 January 24 Friday
2026 January 24 Saturday

We will continue to update this page with new information and cool facts about Data Privacy Week. So be sure to check back soon.