Day of the Homeland for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, September 10th. There are until the next observance.

This year’s Day of the Homeland, observed yearly in the Federal Republic of Germany, falls on September 10. Although the Day of the Homeland is not an official public holiday in Germany, commemorations are conducted around the country. Several government-organized events commemorate the anniversary, which respects and remembers German exiles while also commemorating human rights and freedom across the country.

📆 When is Day of the Homeland?

This year, Day of the Homeland is on September 10th. It is the 2nd Sunday in September; in 2024, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to Day of the Homeland

Did you know: Every year, the slogan for the Day of the Homeland changes. “Human Rights” and “Expulsions are Wrong” are previous instances.

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📜 History of Day of the Homeland

☑️ Day of the Homeland facts

Between 13 and 16 million Germans were expelled
During World War II, a huge number of ethnic Germans were kicked out of Central and Eastern Europe or were forced to leave.

It’s all about speeches, rallies, and flags
On this day, high-ranking government officials and politicians deliver remarks. The German flag is displayed on all public buildings.

It’s a Memorial Day for those affected
Day of the Homeland is, above all, a day to memorialize those who died as a result of exile, particularly during World War II.

Things to do on Day of the Homeland

Read about German history
Read a decent historical book or novel to educate yourself and your children about the events that formed Germany. Power comes from knowledge!

Attend community events
Consider global issues while acting locally. Community activities bring people together and provide a forum for everyone to exchange ideas and ideals that benefit society.

Visit a war memorial
Every person must honor and revere the sacrifices made by warriors and martyrs in the holy cause of liberty. When visiting a war monument, remember that it is sacred ground and observe a minute of silence among others.

📅 Day of the Homeland Observances

2023 September 10 Sunday
2024 September 10 Tuesday
2025 September 10 Wednesday
2026 September 10 Thursday
2027 September 10 Friday

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