Education Support Professionals Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, November 16th. There are until the next observance.

Education Support Professionals Day is observed on the third Wednesday of November, which falls on November 16 this year. Teachers are the first people who spring to mind when we think about education assistance. In actuality, an army of individuals is there to help our children every step of the way. They work long hours navigating various bus routes, tenderly responding to wounds and scratches, maintaining school structures, keeping classrooms clean, and providing nutritious meals to students.These remarkable folks provide emotional and social assistance to students both within and outside of the classroom. Their efforts go frequently unnoticed. However, without them, the educational system would crumble. Education Support Professionals Day honors the hidden heroes and important collaborators in the education of every child. We also thank those who help to meet the financial needs of schooling. Scholaroo has a full list of scholarships that can help you support yourself and other people in the future.

📆 When is Education Support Professionals Day?

This year, Education Support Professionals Day is on November 16th. It is the 3rd Wednesday in November; in 2023, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to Education Support Professionals Day

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📜 History of Education Support Professionals Day

The origins of Education Support Professionals Day may be traced back to a 1987 National Education Association book leaflet. The leaflet advocated a dedicated day to recognize the numerous efforts of public-school employees. It was a call that everyone in the school system supported, culminating in the first formal National Education Support Personnel Day celebration that same year. Many years later, the occasion was renamed “Education Support Professionals Day.” They felt the new name better expressed their pleasure in being an E.S.P. and its critical role in public education.

Caring for children is the most difficult job in the world. And the job that E.S.P.s accomplish necessitates significant commitment and effort. E.S.P.s are critical to the foundations of all public and private schools. Schools cannot function without them. Aside from fundamental tasks, most E.S.Ps care for pupils with special needs. They also safeguard all pupils’ safety and well-being. When students can’t afford supplies or field trips, E.S.Ps have been known to pay for them out of their own money.

On Education Support Professionals Day, we appreciate and recognize them for their contributions. Also, we must now fight for their basic rights, such as better pay, benefits, and the right to work with dignity.

☑️ Education Support Professionals Day facts

No job too small
Students in South Korea stay after class to help clean and tidy the classroom.

Floating schools to combat floods
When rivers rise and roads become impassable, kids attend nearly 100 boat schools in Bangladesh.

Ziplining to school
In Colombia’s isolated Los Pinos Valley, older pupils use a zipline to go to school, saving them a two-hour hike through the rainforest.

Things to do on Education Support Professionals Day

Organize events recognizing their achievements
Organize special events or assemblies to honor your school’s E.S.Ps. Give them gifts or write them thank-you cards. begin a social media marketing campaign. You might also organize events for pupils to learn more about their E.S.Ps.

Publicly say thank you
Don’t be afraid to lavish compliments. Include stories about E.S.Ps in the school newsletter, ideally in a place where everyone can learn more about them. Post their photos on school bulletin boards along with thank-you letters for each of them.

Fight for their rights
E.S.Ps play an important role in schools and communities. Let us today campaign for improved working conditions, higher compensation, and more E.S.P. training.

📅 Education Support Professionals Day Observances

2023 November 16 Thursday
2024 November 16 Saturday
2025 November 16 Sunday
2026 November 16 Monday
2027 November 16 Tuesday

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