Egypt Mother’s Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, March 21st. There are until the next observance.

Mother’s Day is observed in Egypt every year on March 21. The day was designated as a holiday in 1956 following a year-long awareness campaign by journalist Mustafa Amin. True, God does not give us instructions for the Earth; rather, He sends us to a mother.A lifetime is insufficient to show our gratitude to the woman who delivers life into the world and frequently nurtures the family, but we may attempt it. Mothers are pampered like princesses across Egypt on this day. They are given the day off to rest and unwind while other members of the home take up their normal responsibilities. If you want to take it a step further and buy a present, consult our gift guide.

📆 When is Egypt Mother’s Day?

This year, Egypt Mother’s Day is on March 21st. It is the 3rd Tuesday in March; in 2024, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to Egypt Mother’s Day

Did you know: When you go to an Egyptian home, you should always drink the juice they give you. Leaving leftovers is seen as a sign of bad faith.

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📜 History of Egypt Mother’s Day

The narrative exposed the grim realities of abandoned moms and neglected parents around the country. Amin began advocating the concept of a Mother’s Day celebration across the country, expressing compassion and support for the cause. Everyone, including the country’s president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, laughed at the concept at first, but Mustafa declared March 21 as Mother’s Day in the journal “Akhbar el-Yom.” The day was first set up in 1957, and it is now celebrated all over the Arab world.

Mustafa Amin paid a high price for his propagation efforts, including a brief prison sentence. There were other attempts to change the name from Mother’s Day to Family Day. Today, the occasion is commemorated with social announcements and festivities all around the country. Public hymns are performed, and presents are distributed among families. Restaurants provide discounts, and everyone enjoys a joyful atmosphere.

☑️ Egypt Mother’s Day facts

Right leg first
When you visit a new hotel or avenue, enter with your right foot to bring good luck with you.

The twitching fail
The Egyptians believe that twitching of the left eye is a bad sign.

R.I.P. weasel
It is thought that burying a weasel at a home’s entryway brings success and fortune to the family.

Things to do on Egypt Mother’s Day

Spoil your mom
Nothing beats showering your mother, or a motherly figure in your life, with love and respect on this occasion. Send mom presents and express gratitude for the sacrifices she made to raise you.

Have a mother-themed movie marathon
“Mamma Mia,” “Stepmom,” “Terms of Endearment,” and, most recently, “Ladybird” are all touching films about the mother-child bond and the turbulent turns it can take in life.Put your feet up, get yourself a glass of wine, and settle in for a movie marathon with your mum.

Donate to an orphanage
While we meet to honor the moms in our lives, not everyone has been blessed with one. On Mother’s Day in Egypt, show your kindness to those whose cups are empty. To honor moms all over the world, go to an orphanage and donate money or work there for a few hours.

📅 Egypt Mother’s Day Observances

2023 March 21 Tuesday
2024 March 21 Thursday
2025 March 21 Friday
2026 March 21 Saturday
2027 March 21 Sunday

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