Elvis Week for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, August 9th. There are until the next observance.

Elvis Presley’s legendary legacy receives a significant boost during Elvis Week, which is commemorated in August and coincides with his death anniversary, August 16. The dates are made public long in advance of the event, which will take place this year from August 9 to 17. The week honors the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, his music and films, and all things Presley in a characteristically flamboyant and joyful manner. This event is a form of pilgrimage and a phenomenon for music enthusiasts and fans all over the world.

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📆 When is Elvis Week?

This year, Elvis Week falls on the 2nd Tuesday in August; in 2023, it is on Wednesday.

Countdown to Elvis Week

Did you know: Presley was only 22 when he paid $102,500 for the Graceland estate.

📜 History of Elvis Week

He was already a highly flamboyant personality before embarking on his musical career; he wore bright clothes and had rather long hair. When he began playing with blues singer Arthur Crudup’s “That’s All Right Mama” in 1954, his on-stage presence began to form.

Presley ruled the music charts and is usually regarded as the person who introduced rock ‘n’ roll to the United States. He quickly became the decade’s idol, appealing to people of all genders and ages all around the world. His television performances on programmes such as Ed Sullivan’s Sunday Night Variety Show drew record crowds. He influenced hundreds of musicians, including John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Prince, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bruce Springsteen, and others, many of whom are still followers of Elvis Presley. His light was shining brightly. It was revealed at this time, in 1958, that he had been drafted into the United States Army, where he served for two years.

When he returned, he continued to make hits, some of which were recorded before he joined the service. He eventually expanded into filmmaking, producing big box office smashes. He even made the music for these movies, but many people think that his solo work is his best.

By 1968, other performers, such as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and others, had surpassed his star power. Over the next few years, he recorded new singles and returned to the stage. For the following decade, he was the #1 draw in the United States. In 1977, he died of a heart attack the night before embarking on another concert tour. Mourners from all around the world flocked to Graceland, Presley’s home and last resting place, nearly as soon as the news broke. Since his death, the celebration has been known as “Elvis Week. Mourners and admirers go to Graceland in August to pay respect to Presley’s life.

☑️ Facts

He moved in after his family did
Because Presley was filming Jailhouse Rock at the time, his parents and grandmother moved into Graceland five weeks before he did.

Named for the original owner
Graceland was named after the original owner’s aunt, Grace Toof, of the Moore family.

What’s in the kitchen?
Presley wanted the kitchen to have, among other things, banana pudding, parts for meatloaf, crushed coconut, hot dogs, and gum.

Bruce Springsteen broke into Graceland
According to recent studies, all big circuses that involve animals end up harming them, whether purposefully or unintentionally.

✨ Things to do on Elvis Week

Listen to his old hits
Listen to some evergreen Elvis Presley tunes, including ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ ‘Hound Dog,’ ‘Love Me Tender,’ and ‘Mystery Train’ to have a rock ‘n’ roll day. To properly embody the King, add a shake and shimmy, as well as a little dance-off.

Check out his movies
Watch one of Elvis’ 30+ films, including “Blue Hawaii,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Change of Habit.” All of these are nicknamed “Elvis movies” since they have light comedy-romance interlaced with musical interludes.

Hold your own candlelight vigil
Who says you have to go to Graceland to honor this strong icon? On the anniversary of his death, stay at home and hold your own candlelight vigil. Take some time to think about his life and the good things he did for us.

📅 Elvis Week Observances

2023 August 9 Wednesday
2024 August 9 Friday
2025 August 9 Saturday
2026 August 9 Sunday
2027 August 9 Monday

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