European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, January 16th. There are until the next observance.

This year, European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is observed from January 16 to 22, the final week of the month. This week is dedicated to raising awareness about cervical cancer and its consequences. Cervical cancer is treatable if detected early. It also spreads slowly, enhancing the chances of treatment. All that remains is to diagnose and treat cancer before it spreads. According to doctors, chronic exposure to certain forms of human papillomavirus (H.P.V.) can be the primary cause of cervical cancer. It is a highly prevalent virus that is spread sexually. The majority of women have it at some point in their lives, although it does not necessarily appear as cancer.

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📆 When is European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week?

This year, European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week falls on the 3rd Sunday in January; in 2023, it is on Monday.

Countdown to European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

→ Did you know: Every year, over 10 million Americans are killed by cancer.

📜 History of European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Cervical cancer has been known for a long time. Hippocrates, the founder of medicine and a Greek physician, observed that it could not be treated. Harald Zur Hausen was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1976 for discovering the link between cervical cancer and HPV. However, it took another 30 years for us to produce a vaccine. In 2006, the Food and Drug Administration board of directors authorized the HPV vaccination. By 2018, scientists had found that a single shot of the vaccine might protect against H.P.V.

According to a poll of American women, just 40% were aware of HPV. Another startling discovery was that just half of them were aware that HPV may cause cervical cancer. People from lower socioeconomic classes are more likely to be diagnosed. According to the WHO, around 28,000 women die each year from cervical cancer in Europe alone.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is observed to raise awareness about HPV and cervical cancer. Cervical cancer should not claim any more human lives. Although it mostly affects women, knowledge about HPV and cervical cancer should be disseminated throughout society.

☑️ European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week facts

✅ An old menace
Cancer was recognized by the Egyptians as early as 1600 B.C.

✅ Survivors rule
Around the world, there are roughly 28 million cancer survivors from all walks of life.

✅ Australians and cancer
Australia has the largest number of cancer patients per capita.

✅ Americans and cancer
“Fasching” is known as “Fastenacht” in Baden-Württemberg, likewise in southwest Germany.

✨ Things to do on European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Spread awareness about cervical cancer
The majority of cervical cancer fatalities are caused by a lack of awareness. Many people are still unaware of cervical cancer. Use this week to reach out to as many individuals as possible with correct information about the disease.

Volunteer for a cervical cancer campaign
There are still people who have not been tested for H.P.V. Some are uninformed, while others believe they are safe due to the absence of symptoms. Find volunteer groups that assist people with the condition and assist them in connecting with those who are not yet aware of it.

Raising funds for cancer treatment
Organize fundraising activities to assist those suffering with cervical cancer. Even if you are not highly connected, you can still assist in any way you can. No assistance is too little for people in need.

📅 European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week Observances

2024 January 16 Tuesday
2025 January 16 Thursday
2026 January 16 Friday
2027 January 16 Saturday
2028 January 16 Sunday

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