Finisher’s Medal Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, March 5th. There are until the next observance.

Finisher’s Medal Day is observed on the first Sunday of March as an official honor of the grueling training that thousands of men and women go through in preparation for a marathon. It will be held on March 5 this year. The day honors everyone who crosses the finish line, regardless of their speed. The day is marked in appreciation of the runners’ strength and endurance, much like an award for participation. Since 2018, Finisher’s Medal Day has inspired and honored thousands of marathon runners all over the United States.

📆 When is Finisher’s Medal Day?

This year, Finisher’s Medal Day is on March 5th. It is the 1st Sunday in March; in 2024, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to Finisher’s Medal Day

Did you know: The marathon is a tribute to Greek soldier Pheidippides, who ran 25 miles without stopping to bring Greek triumph news to the city of Athens.

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📜 History of Finisher’s Medal Day

Marathon is derived from the Greek city of Marathon, which served as a battleground in 490 B.C. Soon after the fight, a soldier called Pheidippides was dispatched to Athens to deliver the news of Greece’s triumph. The soldier, parched and exhausted, went for 25 kilometres without stopping to deliver the message. The first-ever marathon runner collapsed and died upon his arrival in Athens. At the Olympics in 1896, which was a long time later, the story of Pheidippides was used to promote several mile-long running events.

A marathon is now one of the most popular athletic events on the planet. The Little Rock Marathon recognized the first Sunday in March as Finisher’s Medal Day on February 5, 2018. Finisher’s Medal Day celebrates the spirit of competitiveness and the fortitude required to complete the last mile. The race is about more than just winning. Most importantly, the day honors the spirit of participation and celebrates the fact that regular employees change their schedules to train for a marathon for an hour.

☑️ Finisher’s Medal Day facts

The hardest run
The Inca Trail Marathon is regarded as the most challenging marathon in the world, with tremendous inclines and latitude drops.

A run for cause
The London Marathon is the world’s largest yearly fundraising event, earning more than £770 million for charity since its inception in 1981.

The Queen’s intervention
The marathon’s official distance of 26.2 miles was established after the Queen of Britain expanded it to secure the participation of her children.

Things to do on Finisher’s Medal Day

Gear up for a marathon
Marathons take place all year and are an excellent way to get started as a runner. The wonderful spring of March is also an excellent time to sign up for one. Sign up for this year’s marathon and take the opportunity of a lifetime (and tag a friend along).

Support the runners
There are several ways to show your support for the runners. Charts, placards, and sirens all contribute to increasing people’s spirits. Cheer on the energetic athletes from across the barricades, or take to the pavement with your lemonade stand.

Try something new
Take up a hobby, volunteer, or publish material online. Just as Finisher’s Medal Day rewards those who take time out of their hectic lives to prepare for the marathon, you may carve out time for yourself just for the sake of it.

📅 Finisher’s Medal Day Observances

2023 March 5 Sunday
2024 March 5 Tuesday
2025 March 5 Wednesday
2026 March 5 Thursday
2027 March 5 Friday

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