Global Pay It Forward Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Friday, April 28th. There are until the next observance.

On Global Pay It Forward Day, April 28th, pay forward all the nice actions you’ve ever received. If you’ve always believed in repaying kindness, allow us to introduce you to a more refined and beneficial program: paying kindness forward! This day is celebrated in more than 80 countries, and people are asked to do random acts of kindness to pay back some of the kindness that has been shown to them.

📆 When is Global Pay It Forward Day?

This year, Global Pay It Forward Day is on April 28th. It is the 4th Friday in April; in 2024, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to Global Pay It Forward Day

Did you know: Eugene Osment, who plays Trevor’s father and is the acting coach, is the mustachioed officer giving commands in one of the sequences.

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📜 History of Global Pay It Forward Day

This idea has been around for far longer than we would assume. It is taught in some ideas in the Bible and other holy literature, and it was a crucial narrative element in Menander’s 317 B.C. drama “Dyskolos.” However, the phrase itself is said to have been invented by Lily Hardy Hammond in her book “In the Garden of Delight” and was popularized further in Robert Heinlein’s novel “Between Planets.”

Every day, we are presented with several opportunities to promote kindness in the smallest of ways, even though we are frequently unaware of them. That overwhelming, warm, happy sensation you get when someone does something unexpectedly good for you, like paying a bill or giving you a warm embrace, is what we’re urged to pass on to others.

Another vivid illustration of the “paying it forward” notion can be found in American author Catherine Ryan Hyde’s work “Pay It Forward.” This novel became an instant best-seller and was made into a film in 2000. It’s no wonder, therefore, that this book served as the cornerstone for Global Pay It Forward Day.

Hyde’s work led international speaker and author Blake Beattie to launch this day in 2007. It is now commemorated in over 80 nations throughout the world in order to create a global shift by spreading kindness and achieving over 10 million acts of kindness globally. It is observed on April 28 each year.

☑️ Global Pay It Forward Day facts

The teacher could have been someone else
According to the novel, Denzel Washington was first offered the part of the instructor, but it was subsequently handed to Kevin Spacey with some narrative changes.

Another real-life family featured
The director’s spouse is Mimi Leder’s husband, and their daughter Hannah Leder is his asthmatic daughter.

The birthday scene wasn’t a hoax
On the final day of filming, Osment celebrated his 12th birthday, which was also documented in the video.

Things to do on Global Pay It Forward Day

Perform a random act of kindness
The goal of Global Pay It Forward Day is to spread the compassion that others have shown you. To start or continue the chain reaction, participants are asked to execute one to three random acts of kindness. Do you need some inspiration? Begin by paying for someone’s coffee or meal, or by picking up the stranger’s toll charge at the gate.

Give a random compliment
This day is all about spreading compassion in the smallest ways imaginable. Paying someone random a compliment is one of the most meaningful ways to accomplish this. Receiving unexpected, meaningful praise may transform a person’s entire attitude and put a grin on their face.

Sign up for volunteer work
Volunteering to serve someplace without receiving anything is one of the most altruistic things a person can do. This also leaves the recipients of such charity with no choice but to repay your goodness. Spend some time today volunteering at your community center or shelter.

📅 Global Pay It Forward Day Observances

2022 April 28 Thursday
2023 April 28 Friday
2024 April 28 Sunday
2025 April 28 Monday
2026 April 28 Tuesday

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