Global Scouse Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, February 28th. There are until the next observance.

Global Scouse Day is an annual event celebrated in Liverpool on February 28th. It’s a day to honor scouse, the marine city’s favorite local food. Any Scouser (as the people of Liverpool are known) will tell you that the day is significant. Scouse is a popular stew that has been passed down through generations. Everyone has strong feelings about their school. Everything from consistency to hidden components is covered. One of the few things that all Liverpool residents agree on is that scouse should always be served with excellent, crusty bread.

📆 When is Global Scouse Day?

This year, Global Scouse Day is on February 28th. It is the 4th Tuesday in February; in 2024, it is on Wednesday.

Countdown to Global Scouse Day

→ Did you know: A Scouse dinner must have potatoes, carrots, onions, and meat pieces.

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📜 History of Global Scouse Day

So, how did Global Scouse Day get started? Graham Hughes, a Liverpudlian filmmaker and television personality, had the concept originally. Every year, Hughes would hold a “scouse supper” for his pals. Hughes’ pals decided it would be wonderful to maintain the tradition while he was abroad when he traveled for one of his trips in 2008. Every year on February 28, Hughes’ birthday, they celebrated a scouse feast. They had no idea that the “scouse dinner” would become a uniquely Liverpool cultural phenomenon. “Scouse” became an identifying symbol, a badge of pride for Liverpool, throughout time. Scouse went from a concept for an intimate meal to a city-wide celebration. Hundreds of taverns, restaurants, and cafés serve scouse. Football teams and even the mayor’s office got involved.

To make their sauce stand out, everyone adds a little something extra when making it. Meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, and Worcestershire sauce are common ingredients. A meatless variation known as a “blind scouse” is available for vegetarians. The term “scouse” can also refer to the well-known Liverpool accent, which has sharp letters and accentuated vowels. So, depending on the context, “scouse” might refer to either a stew or something distinctly Liverpudlian. In any case, it’s a word that encapsulates Liverpool and its people.

☑️ Global Scouse Day facts

✅ It was a sailor’s staple dish
Sailors in the 18th century would eat scouse and a “sailor’s biscuit.”

✅ It was previously called ‘lobscouse’
The term “lobscouse” is derived from the words “lob,” which means “to bubble as it boils,” and “course,” which means “course” or “part of a meal.”

✅ It’s more than just a meal’s name
A Scouser is also a resident of Liverpool, a city in the United Kingdom.

✨ Things to do on Global Scouse Day

⚡ Cook some scouse
The greatest way to celebrate is to gather your pals for a scouse supper. The main ingredients are potatoes, pork, carrots, onions, and Worcestershire sauce. However, feel free to experiment with tastes that suit you best. If you happen to be in Liverpool, get out and enjoy the celebrations.

⚡ Learn the Scouse accent
If you can’t be in Liverpool, you may immerse yourself in the festivities by acquiring the Liverpool accent. There are several internet videos that might be useful. Remember to lengthen your vowels.

⚡ Listen to the Beatles
Apart from its wonderful Scouse, Liverpool is most known for its association with the Beatles. Today is a great day to listen to your favorite Beatles album in the background while you make scouse.

📅 Global Scouse Day Observances

2023 February 28 Tuesday
2024 February 28 Wednesday
2025 February 28 Friday
2026 February 28 Saturday
2027 February 28 Sunday

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