Grandpa’s Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, January 22nd. There are until the next observance.

Grandfather’s Day, observed on January 22 in Poland, honors the wisest, humblest, and happiest guy in our lives. Being a grandmother is enjoyable; the constraints and strictness of parenting are loosened, and beyond a certain age, a youthful curiosity seeps in, which explains why grandparents and children bond so well. The ideals established in us by our grandparents mold us for the better, which is why Poles are so thankful to their grandparents and grandfathers.

📆 When is Grandpa’s Day?

This year, Grandpa’s Day is on January 22nd. It is the 4th Sunday in January; in 2024, it is on Monday.

Countdown to Grandpa’s Day

Did you know: While their parents are at work, around 15% of grandparents look after their grandkids.

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📜 History of Grandpa’s Day

According to the Center for Economic Analysis (CenEA), Polish grandparents are the second most committed grandparents in the European Union, trailing only Greek grandparents. They spend an average of nine hours per week with their young grandchildren, which is three hours more than grandparents in other countries. In Poland, grandpas and grandmas are called “babcia” and “Dziadek,” and they are known for giving their grandkids a lot of food and sweets.

Because robust meals and sweets were probably a luxury in their childhood, grandparents liked to sneak in a treat or two now and then. It is also typical to send the children to their grandmother and grandfather’s houses rather than daycare or leaving them with a babysitter. In Poland, this supports the nuclear family and the generational tie. “Dzie Babci,” or Grandma’s Day, was established in 1964 by the magazine “Kobieta I ycie.” Soon after, a day to honor grandfathers was established.

☑️ Grandpa’s Day facts

More grandmas than grandpas
The number of grandmothers exceeds that of grandfathers.

They have great stories to tell
Grandparents all over the world share the attribute of having a lot of tales to tell.

Their home is the best
Eating at our grandparents’ house is really soothing and sentimental.

Things to do on Grandpa’s Day

Show your gratitude
Even if it is only verbal, tell your grandfather what a wonderful man he is and all the things you like and admire him for. We don’t get to say it very often, and grandparents don’t get to hear it very often, especially after their grandkids reach puberty.

Host a family gathering
Plan a lunch or dinner for the entire family, but the spotlight should be on Grandpa! Make all of his favorite foods and spend quality time with him.

Get a gift
Give Grandpa a meaningful gift. It could be as simple as expressing an emotion or as big as a massager or a piece of equipment.

📅 Grandpa’s Day Observances

2023 January 22 Sunday
2024 January 22 Monday
2025 January 22 Wednesday
2026 January 22 Thursday
2027 January 22 Friday

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