Hungarian Republic Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, October 23rd. There are until the next observance.

Every year on October 23, Hungary celebrates Republic Day. This day commemorates two significant events in Hungary’s history. The first was when the people of Hungary stood up to the Soviet Union, and the second was the establishment of Hungary in 1989. The Hungarian Revolution was a spontaneous insurrection that swept throughout Hungary. The people rose up in protest against the local authorities and the Soviet-imposed policies. From October 23 through November 10, 1956, the revolution lasted. Despite its failure, the revolution played a significant part in the demise of the Soviet Union several years later.

📆 When is Hungarian Republic Day?

This year, Hungarian Republic Day is on October 23rd. It is the 4th Sunday in October; in 2023, it is on Monday.

Countdown to Hungarian Republic Day

Did you know: Protesters wanted Soviet troops to leave and free elections to be held. Imre Nagy was named the new prime minister of Hungary.

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📜 History of Hungarian Republic Day

Unfortunately, Hungary’s aspirations were dashed with the formation of the Warsaw Pact in 1955. In 1956, students in Hungary staged a demonstration in Budapest to seek democratic changes and independence from the Soviet Union. Most people agreed with it, and the number of protesters grew until there were rallies all over Hungary.

The Soviets attempted to regain control by stationing tanks in the streets of Budapest. As a result, the people of Hungary revolted against the local authorities until the Soviets declared a cease-fire and promised fair elections.

The above-mentioned incident is known as the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. On October 23, 1989, the Hungarians established the Third Hungarian Republic in commemoration of this event. Hungarians asked that the country’s constitution be changed to allow for multi-party politics, public assembly, and the formation of a power separation in the government.

The National Assembly designated this day an official holiday on October 23, 1991.

☑️ Hungarian Republic Day facts

The toppling of the Stalin statue
On October 23, protesters demolished the Stalin monument in Budapest’s Heroes Square.

Russian tanks shot protestors
On October 25, Russian tanks opened fire on protesters, killing over 800 people.

Russians crushed the Hungarians
By November 1956, Russian troops had killed 2,000 Hungarian fighters and forced 180,000 more to flee.

Things to do on Hungarian Republic Day

Visit the Hungarian Parliament
The Hungarian Holy Crown and the Crown Jewels may be seen at the Parliament of Hungary. On this day, it is usually absolutely free to access the legislative buildings.

Have a Hungarian Feast
Make some classic Hungarian recipes for a delightful Hungarian feast for yourself and your guests. Goulash, “langos,” “fzelék,” and “somlói galuska” are some Hungarian meals.

Read about Hungary’s history
Read literature on Hungary, especially the events of 1956 and how Hungary got rid of the Russian forces, to improve your grasp of Hungarian history. Other book recommendations include “A Concise History of Hungary” by Miklós Molnár; “A Will to Survive: A History of Hungary” by Bryan Cartledge; and “The Hungarians” by Paul Lendvai.

📅 Hungarian Republic Day Observances

2022 October 23 Sunday
2023 October 23 Monday
2024 October 23 Wednesday
2025 October 23 Thursday
2026 October 23 Friday

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