International Cli-Fi Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Thursday, April 20th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on April 20th, International Sci-Fi Day is celebrated. Cli-fi is short for “climate change fiction.” It is a distinct genre from science fiction or speculative fiction. We are all aware that our world is suffering from the effects of global warming caused by the release of carbon emissions. In their books, certain authors address global climate change. There are several films that deal with this subject and attempt to raise awareness about the potentially disastrous effects of climate change on our world. If we want to keep our species from going extinct, we need to change our ways of living to be more sustainable.

πŸ“† When is International Cli-Fi Day?

This year, International Cli-Fi Day is on April 20th. It is the 3rd Thursday in April; in 2024, it is on Saturday.

Countdown to International Cli-Fi Day

β†’ Did you know: Because of climate change, rain patterns have changed in many places, leading to floods, droughts, or downpours, as well as frequent and severe heat waves.

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πŸ“œ History of International Cli-Fi Day

Climate fiction is defined as stories or films that deal with climate change or storylines about global warming. It is frequently theoretical and attempts to depict how mankind might respond to a climatic calamity in a world comparable to our own or in the future. Technology developed to counteract climate change is frequently featured. Climate fiction is a relatively recent phrase. It began to gather traction in about 2010, as we became more aware of the dangers of climate change. More and more books on the subject are being published these days.

In a press release for Jim Laughter’s “Polar City Red-a Novel” dealing with climate refugees in a future Alaska, freelance writer Dan Bloom coined the word “cli-fi.” Bloom created “The Cli-Fi Report,” an internet resource dedicated to climate fiction. Climate fiction shows and emphasizes the dangers of climate change now and in the future in a way that reporting just can’t.

β˜‘οΈ International Cli-Fi Day facts

βœ… Changes in glaciers and oceans
Climate change has also caused changes in the planet’s oceans and glaciers; the oceans are warming and getting more acidic, the ice caps are melting, and sea levels are increasing.

βœ… Impact on human health
Climate change degrades air and water quality, accelerates disease transmission, and alters the frequency and severity of extreme weather occurrences.

βœ… Changes in coastal communities
Climate change causes sea levels to rise, endangering coastal communities and ecosystems.

✨ Things to do on International Cli-Fi Day

⚑ Watch a climate change movie
There are several climate change films available now. “DonΒ΄t Look Up” and “Kiss The Ground.” are two recent releases in the genre.

⚑ Share a sustainable habit
There are several things we can do to protect our planet and preserve our survival. You may share what you’re doing to combat pollution and global warming, such as limiting your usage of plastics.

⚑ Read a book about climate change
There are several books available about climate change. Michael Mann’s “The New Climate War” is an excellent choice. He talks about how the fossil fuel industry has changed its tactics from blatantly denying climate change to blocking change and putting the onus of responsibility on people, delaying important steps to fight for systemic changes.

πŸ“… International Cli-Fi Day Observances

2022 April 20 Wednesday
2023 April 20 Thursday
2024 April 20 Saturday
2025 April 20 Sunday
2026 April 20 Monday

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