International Day of Peace for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Thursday, September 21st. There are until the next observance.

The International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day), observed annually on September 21, is dedicated to promoting peace values within and among all nations and peoples. At a time when conflict and violence frequently dominate our news cycles, the International Day of Peace serves as an uplifting reminder of what we can achieve when we work together. Peace. Let’s give it a go!

📆 When is International Day of Peace?

This year, International Day of Peace is on September 21st. It is the 3rd Thursday in September; in 2024, it is on Saturday.

Countdown to International Day of Peace

Did you know: We are more alike than different throughout the world; seek common ground, appreciate, and cherish the distinctions you encounter in the people you meet and cultures you encounter that are different from your own.

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📜 History of International Day of Peace

Two decades after establishing this day of honor, the legislature changed the date to September 21 in 2001. As a result, since 2002, September 21 has marked not just a time to debate how to promote and sustain peace among all peoples but also a 24-hour period of worldwide ceasefire and nonviolence for parties engaged in active fighting.

Peace is attainable. Throughout history, most cultures have mostly lived in peace. Today, we are far less likely than our parents or grandparents to die in a war. Since the UN was created and the UN Charter was written, states have been required not to use force against other countries unless they are acting in self-defense or have been given permission to do so by the UN Security Council.

Life is better in a peaceful world, and we now look to individuals who have been peacemakers and peacekeepers to understand what we can all do individually to make the world a more peaceful place.

☑️ International Day of Peace facts

​Promote economic and social stability
Because it eliminates common sources of unrest and violence, eliminating poverty, food insecurity, and social inequality leads to a greater culture of peace.

​Respect all human rights
The concept that all humans are important, with no one group being better than another, is at the heart of harmonious interactions. Consider how you might contribute to this knowledge in your sphere of influence.

​Advocate for equality
Support women’s growth in society via political and economic efforts; aggressively oppose violence against women and girls in your community; and advocate for the abolition of workplace discrimination.

Things to do on International Day of Peace

Observe the global “Minute of Silence”
The Minute of Silence was established in 1984 by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Pathways to Peace. This moment of stillness at noon in each time zone sends a “peace wave” throughout the planet. Individuals, companies, communities, and nations are all asked to take part in this collaborative and tangible act of peacemaking.

Host a global peace feast
Gather your friends and neighbors for a “global” potluck, asking them to bring a distinctive dish from other nations or cultures. Sharing a meal is one of the most ancient and effective methods to bring harmony into your life. Interfaith and multicultural talks can enrich the evening.

Foster peace through education
Allow peace to begin with you and your family. Teach your children peace-promoting ideas like how to solve problems without violence, how to talk about things without getting angry, and how to reach agreements without fighting.

📅 International Day of Peace Observances

2022 September 21 Wednesday
2023 September 21 Thursday
2024 September 21 Saturday
2025 September 21 Sunday
2026 September 21 Monday

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