Just Pray No for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Friday, April 15th. There are until the next observance.

Just Pray No is an annual event held on the third weekend of April, and it will be held this year from April 15 to 16. Since its inception on April 7, 1991, Just Pray No! has united Christians all over the world in intercessory prayer to help persons struggling with addictions such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and other life-controlling compulsions. Addiction has become a global epidemic, with millions of people struggling with their addictions on a daily basis. The rising number of overdose deaths ranks the drug pandemic as one of the most hazardous public health issues of our time.

📆 When is Just Pray No?

This year, Just Pray No is on April 15th. It is the 3rd Friday in April; in 2023, it is on Saturday.

Countdown to Just Pray No

Did you know: With only 5% of the world’s population, the United States consumes 75% of the world’s prescription medications.

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📜 History of Just Pray No

The founder was affected after reading about the tragedy and began praying. “Just pray no!” He saw his role as mobilizing Christians in their spiritual battle against addiction. He hoped that the message of “Just pray no!” to drugs would be heard throughout the world, so he organized a global day of prayer. Sherman is well known on Christian radio. The organization connects ministries and organizations that work with addicts and gives tools and support to individuals who are incarcerated and in need of treatment. The outreach and prayer weekend involves 150 countries.

This is especially relevant given that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that 81,000 individuals died in the United States from drug overdoses between May 2019 and May 2020. So the weekend’s significance is that people demonstrate unity against this growing plague that destroys people, families, and communities.

☑️ Just Pray No facts

Responsible for teen deaths
Prescription drug overdoses kill more teens than cocaine and heroin combined.

Drug use is widespread
In 2017, an estimated 47.7 million people used mind-altering substances.

The official statistic
In 2018, over 7.7 million Americans were classified as addicts.

Things to do on Just Pray No

Pray for your community
Take some time to pray for individuals who are fighting addiction and their families. You can also assemble your friends and family members to pray for them.

Help someone in need
You may assist wherever there is a need. Churches, non-profits, friends, and community addiction organizations all require volunteers and contributions. You and your family and friends might make a huge impact by helping folks in your area find the assistance they require.

Support rehabilitation centers
Supporting organizations and rehabilitation institutions is one of the most effective ways to aid. You may help by contributing money or offering your time and/or resources.

📅 Just Pray No Observances

2023 April 15 Saturday
2024 April 15 Monday
2025 April 15 Tuesday
2026 April 15 Wednesday
2027 April 15 Thursday

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