Maize Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Friday, November 25th. There are until the next observance.

This year, National Maize Day is on November 26, the day after Thanksgiving. Maize is high in vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, and this golden gift from nature is far more valuable. Maize is so healthy that a day is set aside each year to honor it. Corrine Lightweaver initiated the holiday, which we have found to be useful. Did you realize that yellow isn’t the sole color of maize? It also comes in white, pink, red, blue, and black. Some have spots, stripes, or are multicolored.

📆 When is Maize Day?

This year, Maize Day is on November 25th. It is the 4th Friday in November; in 2023, it is on Saturday.

Countdown to Maize Day

Did you know: In the 1800s, maize was a popular alternative to coffee.

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📜 History of Maize Day

Maize (Zea mays) has been cultivated since 1500 B.C. in southern Mexico. Early Mexican farmers tamed a wild grass called “teosinte” by selecting the finest and largest kernels, and the renowned crop we know today as maize was born. Domesticated corn spread quickly throughout Mexico because it is high in nutrients and simple to cultivate, store, transport, cook, and enjoy. It traveled down the coast to Peru and beyond, then across the North to the Native Americans. Maize is now grown all over the world and is an important element of our food. In the United States alone, 297,624,053.95 imperial tons are produced each year.

Maize, which produces more than rice or wheat, has become a staple food in many regions of the world. In addition to being consumed directly by people, maize is also used as animal feed and is processed into cornstarch and corn syrup. Sweet corn is grown for people to eat as kernels, while field corn is mostly used to feed animals and make food with corn.

Maize may grow as tall as 23 feet and as short as eight feet, with sweet corn being the shorter of the two. Maize is high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects your cells from harm and helps prevent cancer and heart disease. Yellow maize is high in the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the lens from damage and induce cataracts, making it beneficial to the eyes. Sweet corn, dent corn, pod corn, flour corn, flint corn, and popcorn are the six varieties of maize or corn.

☑️ Maize Day facts

Every row is equal
Each row of a corn cob has an even number.

A major source of biofuel
Maize may be used to make ethanol and other biofuels.

Animals consume more
Animals consume more maize than humans.

Things to do on Maize Day

Pop some popcorn
Making popcorn to commemorate National Maize Day is a tasty way to celebrate. Everyone (particularly children) likes popcorn, and the greatest thing is that it can be made on the stovetop.

Cook maize meals
There are plenty of delectable dishes to select from, including corn soup, corn burgers, corn fritters, corn tarts, and corn and jalapeo poppers. The possibilities are unlimited, so get your pans ready and entertain everyone!

Drink maize beverages
Try beverages made from maize. There’s something for everyone, from smoothies and teas to whiskey and beer.

📅 Maize Day Observances

2023 November 25 Saturday
2024 November 25 Monday
2025 November 25 Tuesday
2026 November 25 Wednesday
2027 November 25 Thursday

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