Maldives Victory Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Thursday, November 3rd. There are until the next observance.

Every year on November 3, Maldives Victory Day is honored. This day commemorates the Maldives’ government’s triumph over the forces that attempted a coup in the country. The holiday is a federal holiday that is observed across the country. The day is traditionally marked by many formal gatherings, including parades, speeches, and a flag-hoisting ceremony. The day recognizes the international community’s efforts to assist the Maldives’ administration. Maldivians also use this day to remember and show how much they love their country.

📆 When is Maldives Victory Day?

This year, Maldives Victory Day is on November 3rd. It is the 1st Thursday in November; in 2023, it is on Friday.

Countdown to Maldives Victory Day

Did you know: When President Gayoom requested aid, the US administration wanted to help but was too far away to arrive in time.

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📜 History of Maldives Victory Day

The Maldives’ Victory Day marks the defeat of a particularly hazardous coup attempt. This was not, however, the first coup attempt. Several attempts were made in the 1980s to kill the then-President of the Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, an Islamic scholar and politician adored by the Maldives’ political parties and people. Several human rights organizations have leveled several claims of corruption and politically motivated violence, including murder, against Gayoom. Gayoom was still elected president of the Maldives, where he ran a stable government for many years.

Following the collapse of the first two coup attempts, around 80 armed mercenaries from the People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam arrived in Male dressed as guests. These mercenaries were well-armed and well-organized, and they quickly took control of the whole city, including the airport, harbor, and radio and television broadcasting facilities. The President was brought to safety, and he requested aid from the United States and the United Kingdom, both of which were too far away to intervene. On their advice, the President called India. India called an emergency council and started Operation Cactus, which brought Indian armed forces to the Maldives and stopped the coup.

☑️ Maldives Victory Day facts

Gayoom first went to the defense minister
President Gayoom permitted himself to be led to the residence of the defense minister, where he was personally transported to a safe house.

Other Asian countries declined to help
Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan all rejected the offer to assist the Maldives because they lacked sufficient military might.

Many mercenaries fled by sea
The Indian Navy stopped and apprehended mercenaries attempting to depart via cargo.

Things to do on Maldives Victory Day

Participate in the national celebrations
This is an excellent day to observe national parades and events. Make sure you’re also on time for the flag-hoisting.

Get together with family and friends
If the mercenaries had taken control, the country would have been destabilized, with many lives lost. This is a wonderful day to honor your nation and its government with your friends and family.

Organize a local event
Gather individuals to deliver speeches or organize a small march. On Victory Day, show your support for the Maldives.

📅 Maldives Victory Day Observances

2022 November 3 Thursday
2023 November 3 Friday
2024 November 3 Sunday
2025 November 3 Monday
2026 November 3 Tuesday

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