Manu’a Cession Day (in lieu) for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, July 16th. There are until the next observance.

Manu’a Cession Day (in lieu) is a huge event on July 16. It commemorates and celebrates the date on which the islands of Manu’a voted to join the rest of American Samoa and become US-held territory. This public holiday is celebrated with much hoopla and festivities, and it is a day off for everyone in this collection of islands.

📆 When is Manu’a Cession Day (in lieu)?

This year, Manu’a Cession Day (in lieu) is on July 16th. It is the 3rd Sunday in July; in 2024, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to Manu’a Cession Day (in lieu)

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📜 History of Manu’a Cession Day (in lieu)

Nearly two decades after its discovery, the colonial powers started to desire this opulent territory and its riches. After a protracted civil war, a fight between the main adversaries—the Germans, the English, and the Americans—started in the late 1800s and lasted until 1899. The eastern islands became a U.S. colony and naval station, while nine of the western islands were ceded to Germany. Even if the Manu’a islands were to be incorporated—i.e., made a location where just a section of the U.S. Constitution is applicable and they are not part of the U.S. territory—the High Chiefs of the Manu’a islands did not want to become U.S. territories. Therefore, the Manu’a High Chiefs first chose to reject this arrangement.

When they ultimately decided to relinquish authority, the U.S. Navy oversaw the area until 1951, when the Department of the Interior took charge (DOI). Samoans from this area hold festivals, speeches, and other activities every year to commemorate the day Manu’a swore allegiance to the United States.

☑️ Manu’a Cession Day (in lieu) facts

They’re nationals but not citizens
Unlike other unincorporated U.S. territories, American Samoans are exclusively U.S. nationals rather than citizens.

The Tui Manu’a title isn’t around anymore
When the United States and Tui Manu’a Elisara, the king of Manu’a, signed the Deed of Cession of Manu’a in 1904, they made an agreement that the king of Manu’a could no longer use the title Tui Manu’a.

They chose to remain with the U.S
When the United Nations gave them the choice to merge with the Independent States of Samoa in 1966, American Samoa declined, preferring to remain a US territory.

Things to do on Manu’a Cession Day (in lieu)

Discover American Samoa and Manu’a
American Samoa has a lot to offer in terms of tropical beauty, age-old culture, and diverse traditions. You may learn about this legacy by reading articles, watching movies, and speaking with others who are proud of it.

Try a few Samoan cultural activities
Perhaps it is learning the language. Perhaps it will be a journey through popular Samoan food. It might also be the sound of traditional Samoan music. Connect with and immerse yourself in a new culture in any way that suits you; you can even engage friends and family!

Learn about America’s unincorporated territories
While you’re investigating American Samoa, consider the different unorganized US territories. It may be a lovely experience to learn about their history and what makes them unique. And who knows, it may well be inspiration for your future vacation.

📅 Manu’a Cession Day (in lieu) Observances

2022 July 16 Saturday
2023 July 16 Sunday
2024 July 16 Tuesday
2025 July 16 Wednesday
2026 July 16 Thursday

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