Mitten Tree Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, December 6th. There are until the next observance.

Mitten Tree Day is observed on December 6 as a pleasant occasion that encourages the use and distribution of mittens. Mittens are the ideal answer for keeping our hands warm when playing in the snow and constructing snowmen. However, mittens are also an excellent present for folks who do not have access to a heater or fireplace. So, buy (or knit) some imaginative and colorful mittens that you’d want to wear outside, plus a few extra for someone less fortunate than you.

📆 When is Mitten Tree Day?

This year, Mitten Tree Day is on December 6th. It is the 1st Tuesday in December; in 2023, it is on Wednesday.

Countdown to Mitten Tree Day

Did you know: American colonists referred to them as “hailing hands.”

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📜 History of Mitten Tree Day

The main character in the novel is walking through the chilly winter weather when she notices a few youngsters waiting at the school bus stop. The lady realizes that the youngsters want to play in the snow but are unable to do so since they lack mittens to protect their hands. She makes a basket full of mittens and hangs it on a tree near the bus stop, feeling terrible for the youngsters. The mother still crochets mittens for the kids in her village, but she no longer gets lost in the memories of her children.

The term “mittens” is derived from the Old French word “mitaine,” according to sources. It was an old pet term for a cat, and mittens were made of animal fur at the time. The earliest mittens discovered are thought to date back to 1000 A.D. Mittens were very popular in medieval Europe. However, because they were difficult to construct, the rich frequently wore them as a fashion statement. Mittens are now made from a variety of materials, including wool, leather, fur, and polyester. They are also warmer than gloves since our fingers create more heat when they come into contact.

☑️ Mitten Tree Day facts

Latvian tradition
Women who are getting married are given a hope chest full of mittens.

America’s first female entrepreneur
During the American Civil War, Abby Condon knitted mittens for troops.

Inspired mittens
Poetry phrases are woven into the patterns of certain mittens.

Things to do on Mitten Tree Day

Go mitten shopping
It’s time to go mitten shopping for yourself, your loved ones, and those in need. Experiment with different colors and patterns, and look for bargains on the day.

Showcase your mittens
Do you want to show off your mittens? Begin by shooting photos and putting them on social media for all to see!

Decorate a tree with mittens
Mittens are one of the most inventive and practical Christmas tree ornaments. Perhaps you might follow in the footsteps of “The Mitten Tree” and leave mittens for children or the less fortunate to find.

📅 Mitten Tree Day Observances

2023 December 6 Wednesday
2024 December 6 Friday
2025 December 6 Saturday
2026 December 6 Sunday
2027 December 6 Monday

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