National Baked Scallops Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, March 12th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on March 12th, National Baked Scallops Day is observed. How do you enjoy your scallops? Deep-fried, sautéed, or baked? This delectable seafood dish is a hit at both homes and restaurants. And with good reason. They’re tasty, low in fat, and go well with a variety of side dishes. Scallops in butter make our hearts skip a beat. But guess what’s even better? Scallops in the oven The exterior is crisp and golden. On the interior, tender bites. complete supper pleasure!

📆 When is National Baked Scallops Day?

This year, National Baked Scallops Day is on March 12th. It is the 2nd Sunday in March; in 2024, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to National Baked Scallops Day

Did you know: Mussel beards, also known as “byssus,” aid in anchoring them to solid surfaces, where they can continue to develop.

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📜 History of National Baked Scallops Day

People in America disliked the flavor of scallop meat in the 17th century. Its unusually sweet flavor was unpleasant to the general public at the time. Oysters, lobster, and clams were preferred by Northern Atlantic fishing groups over scallops.Even though people gathered wild Atlantic scallops to eat them, the shells were much more appealing than the meat.

Tastes changed throughout time, and scallops gained popularity in the United States by the nineteenth century. In 1846, “Miss Beecher’s Domestic Receipt Book” provided the first documented recipe for scallops. According to the recipe, scallops were to be delicately stewed or sautéed, according to the recipe.

Scallop recipes and cuisines were popular in the decades that followed. Experimenting with recipes included frying, stuffing, pickling, and steaming. The adaptable, easy-to-cook scallop, on the other hand, suited itself well to most cooking methods. Scallops had become an essential element of the American diet by the 1930s. They were, predictably, popular among residents of coastal cities and villages. Fried scallops in coastal shacks have become a standard food.

By the mid-twentieth century, scallops were appearing on the menus of French restaurants. Around this period, the Coquille St. Jacques gained a cult following in fine dining establishments across the United States. Scallops in their shell are served with butter, shallots, herbs, cream, and cheese.

A fine-dining seafood restaurant without scallops today seems nearly unthinkable. Every restaurant has its own spin on it, whether it’s provencal, pan-seared, or even ceviche. However, roasting scallops is a great way to improve this mollusk at home. So, if you want a nice supper without the difficulties, roasted scallops are the way to go.

☑️ National Baked Scallops Day facts

Mussels keep oceans healthy
Every day, a single mussel eliminates debris and phytoplankton from 5.2 liters of saltwater.

They pack a punch of iron
Mussels have more iron than steak and keep us satisfied for longer.

You can eat them unopened
Mussels that do not open when boiling are not defective; they just have stronger adductor muscles.

Things to do on National Baked Scallops Day

Bake some scallops
The best way to celebrate is to invite guests around for a scallop supper. Prepare your favorite scallop dish. Look at baked shallot recipes online, which range from lemon garlic and creamy parmesan to spicy baked scallops.

Go scallop shopping
If you live near the water, go to the fish market or port. It’s a tour that may provide valuable insight and perspective on the origins of our food. Purchase some fresh veggies and return with a newfound respect for eating.

Visit a favorite restaurant
Show your support for your local eateries on National Baked Scallops Day. Make a beeline for your favorite clam shack or restaurant and indulge!

📅 National Baked Scallops Day Observances

2023 March 12 Sunday
2024 March 12 Tuesday
2025 March 12 Wednesday
2026 March 12 Thursday
2027 March 12 Friday

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