National Black Marketers Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, November 16th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on November 16, National Black Marketers’ Day is observed. The holiday honors the accomplishments of black marketers in America and the importance that black culture has had in shaping the marketing business. This holiday was developed by the Black Marketers Coalition (B.M.C.), and they frequently plan activities throughout the week leading up to it, such as fun networking and happy hour parties. Aside from the celebrations, the Black Marketers Coalition holds monthly roundtable discussions with industry professionals. They debate current events with black marketers and their allies, sharing information and learning from one another.

📆 When is National Black Marketers Day?

This year, National Black Marketers Day is on November 16th. It is the 3rd Wednesday in November; in 2023, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to National Black Marketers Day

Did you know: It wasn’t until the 1970s that advertising companies began solely catering to black consumers, beginning with the establishment of Burrell McBain Advertising in 1971.

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📜 History of National Black Marketers Day

Sequoyah Glenn, the founder of B.M.C., began her marketing career as a fan service coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Female objectives were thwarted by a lack of representation, lack of advice from their peers, and even disparity in remuneration and division of work. Glenn saw that black businesses and black marketers were treated-or were not treated-differently than other enterprises. Glenn’s complaints and observations inspired her to launch a consulting firm that assists black businesses and firms seeking to engage black, varied, or underrepresented clients.

Glenn was inspired to form the B.M.C. by industrialist John H. Johnson, the founder of Johnson Publishing Corporation, America’s first Black media company, which provided Black marketers a start in the profession. “Ebony” and “Jet.” were created by Johnson Publishing Company. These journals covered black culture, fashion, music, politics, and other topics for decades. Johnson made an imprint on the business, and his vision lives on even after his death in 2005. National Black Marketers’ Day was designed to honor black impact in media and marketing.

☑️ National Black Marketers Day facts

Spending and self-esteem
Burrell Communications performed a study in the 1970s and 1980s and discovered that black individuals buy more high-end items to compensate for low self-esteem.

Black publications fought for civil rights
Throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, black-owned magazines such as “Afro” pushed for the civil rights movement.

Black consumers are worth billions
Black customers are projected to be worth $300 billion.

Things to do on National Black Marketers Day

Support Black businesses
Supporting black companies contributes to the closing of the racial wealth gap, the strengthening of local economies, and the creation of work opportunities for black professionals. Help black companies grow economically and celebrate varied cultures.

Read about the pioneers
Names like Ted Burrell and John H. Johnson may not come up in casual conversation, but these are the folks who laid the groundwork and paved the way for today’s black marketers and professionals. Read about them and their contributions to the African American community over the years.

Become an ally
It is not necessary to be black to have a positive influence. Reach out to individuals in the community and ask how you can help their cause.

📅 National Black Marketers Day Observances

2023 November 16 Thursday
2024 November 16 Saturday
2025 November 16 Sunday
2026 November 16 Monday
2027 November 16 Tuesday

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