National Button Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, November 16th. There are until the next observance.

The button, which was originally decorative in nature, has been used to secure clothing since the 13th century in Germany. Since then, buttons of every size, shape, and color have been created using a broad range of materials such as wood, clay, shells, and plastic. A button jar may be transformed into a fun craft project, extra game tokens, or a fashion accessory. Although zippers and Velcro are now available, buttons are simply more fun, intriguing, and wacky. Buttons can even be works of art, so celebrate National Button Day on November 16 by taking the time to appreciate those practical, gorgeous little items.

📆 When is National Button Day?

This year, National Button Day is on November 16th. It is the 3rd Wednesday in November; in 2023, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to National Button Day

Did you know: Women’s clothing has usually had buttons on the right (reportedly because it was simpler for maids to dress the women they served that way), whereas men’s clothing has had buttons on the left (they dressed themselves).

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📜 History of National Button Day

☑️ National Button Day facts

Boutonnière means buttonhole in French
Boutonnieres are inserted through a split in the lapel of men’s coats that resembles a buttonhole; therefore, we used the French term for buttonhole to describe the flower in English.

​Buttons on uniform sleeves were put there to stop soldiers from wiping their noses
There is a story that Napoleon ordered brass buttons to be put on the sleeves of all military uniforms so that soldiers wouldn’t wipe their noses on them. This story has never been proven, but it is often told.

Cats were so popular among the ancient Egyptians that they were routinely venerated in life and mummified in death, and they were even decked with cheap gems.

Things to do on National Button Day

Upcycle with buttons
Do you have old clothing that you no longer wear? Replace the buttons to make it seem new. Sew on some bright metal buttons for a trendy military style, or tacky novelty buttons to represent your favorite pastime, animal, or even cuisine. Be distinct, innovative, and environmentally conscious all at the same time.

Go on a treasure hunt
Visit a thrift store, rummage sale, or garage sale. Look for vintage garments with unusual buttons. Collectors like discovering ones that feature little pieces of art, were worn by notable individuals, or reflect a specific era. Investigate whether any of your discoveries are worth more than what you spent for them.

Start a button jar
Snip buttons from disused garments, claim loose ones, buy novelty ones when the mood strikes, or discover them on the cheap at thrift stores. Then, the next time you need a button, you’ll have a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors to select from.

📅 National Button Day Observances

2023 November 16 Thursday
2024 November 16 Saturday
2025 November 16 Sunday
2026 November 16 Monday
2027 November 16 Tuesday

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