National Day of Motoring for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Monday, July 24th. There are until the next observance.

The National Day of Motoring, observed on July 24, is a program launched by MINI U.S.A. to encourage people to get out of their automobiles and experience the world. One of the aims for 2021 is to recognize the road trip as a tradition that has characterized American society. While the event is primarily aimed at Mini owners, it may also be enjoyed by any vehicle owner with a love of the open road and a spirit of adventure.

📆 When is National Day of Motoring?

This year, National Day of Motoring is on July 24th. It is the 4th Monday in July; in 2024, it is on Wednesday.

Countdown to National Day of Motoring

Did you know: The record number of people that can fit inside a Mini automobile is 27, set in Brighton, United Kingdom, in 2014.

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📜 History of National Day of Motoring

The first-ever National Day of Motoring was held in 2021, and 4,000 MINI owners and 100 MINI dealers from throughout the country took part in a nationwide rally with the hashtag “MINI Together.” The scavenger hunt-style event is self-curated by MINI owners who want to take part. Special assignments are made using customized software that encourages physical activity and hosts a nationwide virtual meeting of MINI owners.

The purpose of the day was to provide the American MINI community with an opportunity to participate in a rally. It was organized by MINI U.S.A. The major objective of this event is to “get lost and have fun,” but it also promotes community interaction and strengthens links across villages. Making vehicles that are “fun to drive” and designing them with this in mind has always been a point of pride for MINI. This attraction is what draws attention to the brand since, according to business research, a client often purchases a MINI because it is “fun to drive.”

Although the National Day of Motoring is primarily intended for MINI owners, automobile owners of all types can join in by driving their vehicles around the many landscapes of America. The only way to comprehend the fiber of American society, after all, is to travel.

☑️ National Day of Motoring facts

How the Mini got its famous moniker
The name “Mini Cooper,” which is known all over the world, comes from John Cooper, an auto designer who made a sportier version of the car in 1961.

It was made following a fuel crisis
The Mini was developed in reaction to fuel shortages in the United Kingdom during the 1956 Suez Crisis, which resulted in a need for smaller, more efficient automobiles.

The Mini’s creator is a Sir
In 1969, Alec Issigonis, the Mini’s designer, was knighted for his service to Britain.

Things to do on National Day of Motoring

Take part in the MINI Together rally
Why not join the MINI Together rally if you own a MINI and add some additional enjoyment to your drive? Aside from the activities, you may take advantage of the opportunity to connect with other MINI owners and form common bonds. By participating, you may appreciate everything your MINI has to offer and meet friends with others who share your enthusiasm.

Drive off!
Take your automobile for a test drive! There’s nothing like a Sunday drive to close up the weekend, whether it’s a journey down the highway or a stroll around your neighborhood.

Consult your local mechanic to keep your car healthy
Whether you own a MINI or not, it is essential to keep your vehicle in good working order. Visit your local mechanic to get your vehicle inspected and determine what needs to be repaired. The best automobile for any trip is one that operates well.

📅 National Day of Motoring Observances

2022 July 24 Sunday
2023 July 24 Monday
2024 July 24 Wednesday
2025 July 24 Thursday
2026 July 24 Friday

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