National Fragile X Awareness Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, July 22nd. There are until the next observance.

Every year on July 22, National Fragile X Awareness Day is commemorated. The day’s goal is to increase awareness of fragile X syndrome (FXS). F.X.S. is the “most common inherited cause of autism and intellectual disabilities worldwide.” There is currently no cure. This genetic condition develops when a single gene on the X chromosome stops working altogether. This gene in particular is required for the synthesis of a protein involved in brain development. A deficiency of this protein, as shown in F. X. S., causes developmental problems.

📆 When is National Fragile X Awareness Day?

This year, National Fragile X Awareness Day is on July 22nd. It is the 4th Saturday in July; in 2024, it is on Monday.

Countdown to National Fragile X Awareness Day

Did you know: A D.N.A. sample is used to diagnose F.X.S.

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📜 History of National Fragile X Awareness Day

In the 1990s, activist organizations campaigned tenaciously for the legal recognition of fragile X syndrome. The Children’s Health Act of 2000 sought to establish a research act for a variety of illnesses, including autism, juvenile arthritis, juvenile diabetes, and adolescent asthma, in addition to fragile X.

The struggle for F.X.S. recognition has been led by the FRAXA research foundation. Particularly David Busby won a lot of favor with Congressmen when he was advocating for legislation. These Congress Members understood the need for awareness even if there is still no treatment for the ailment, so they agreed when Brusby requested a day to raise awareness for those with F.X.S. So, the first-ever National Fragile X Awareness Day was observed on July 22, 2000.

☑️ National Fragile X Awareness Day facts

Depression, anxiety, AD/HD, autism, sleep apnea, and other conditions are examples of comorbidities.

F.X.S. is a genetic condition.

The intensity of symptoms
Females have milder symptoms than men.

Things to do on National Fragile X Awareness Day

Read about F.X.S.
The purpose of National Fragile X Awareness Day is to raise awareness. Contribute to the cause by researching the disease.

Tell your family and friends about it
Participate in raising awareness. Point your relatives and friends in the direction of places where they may learn more about F.X.S.

Talk about it on social media

📅 National Fragile X Awareness Day Observances

2023 July 22 Saturday
2024 July 22 Monday
2025 July 22 Tuesday
2026 July 22 Wednesday
2027 July 22 Thursday

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