National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, January 15th. There are until the next observance.

Every year, National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week is held during the third full week of January. This year’s dates are January 15 to 21. Juice is a tasty treat that is high in vitamins and minerals. Juice has been consumed by almost everyone. One of the most popular drinks to substitute for fake drinks is freshly squeezed juice. It is also natural, nutrient-dense, sugar-free, and low in carbs when compared to most current manufactured drinks. The sweet flavor of freshly squeezed juice is attributable to fructose, a natural sweetener found in fruits. As an added plus, fructose does not cause the problems that regular sugar does.

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📆 When is National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week?

This year, National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week falls on the 3rd Saturday in January; in 2023, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week

Did you know: Pasteurized juice is created by boiling fresh juice to eliminate the germs, reducing the nutritional value in the process.

📜 History of National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week

Humans and fruit have had a relationship since the prehistoric age. We used to graze for fruit, but fruit production began just around 10,000 years ago. Fruit juice, on the other hand, took a few millennia longer to develop. Lemonade first appeared in the 16th century, marking the birth of juice. Grape pits have been found dating back to 8000 B.C., but experts believe they were used for wine manufacturing.

A British businessman named Norman Wardhaugh Walker invented the first commercial juice maker in 1936. He argued that drinking fresh juice from fruits and vegetables may be beneficial to one’s health. His statements may not have always been supported by scientific facts, but we may now enjoy the sweet treat of fruits in liquid form owing to him. The gadget he invented was so unique for its time that it is still in use after decades. So, what are you holding out for? Choose a fruit and squeeze the juice from it.

☑️ National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week facts

Orange is popular
Orange juice is the most popular and desired fruit for creating juice.

Juicy Canada
Canada consumes the most juice on the planet.

Brazilian might
Brazil is the top producer of orange juice in South America.

Sweet grape
“Dora the Explorer” received 15 Daytime Emmy nominations and won one.

✨ Things to do on National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week

Make the freshest squeezed juice
It’s National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week, and what could be better than producing a new juice every day? Choose your favorite fruits and begin squeezing.

Host a juice party
Host a juice party with your buddies. Make fruits the subject of the celebration. Request that everyone dress up as fruits and bring their own homemade juice to the celebration.

Experiment with the best combinations
Have you ever experimented with combining juices? This is an excellent week to experiment with different juice combinations. Request recommendations from your friends and relatives as well.

📅 National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week Observances

2024 January 15 Monday
2025 January 15 Wednesday
2026 January 15 Thursday
2027 January 15 Friday
2028 January 15 Saturday

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