National Gray Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, May 27th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on May 27, National Gray Day is commemorated. This day is commemorated around the country as part of the National Brain Cancer Awareness Month celebrations. National Gray Day urges everyone to remember those who have died from brain cancer, congratulate those who have survived, and support those who are dealing with the agony and suffering of the disease. Voices Against Brain Cancer is organizing the event, which seeks to hold events around the country to raise awareness about brain cancer and push research toward a cure.

📆 When is National Gray Day?

This year, National Gray Day is on May 27th. It is the 4th Saturday in May; in 2024, it is on Monday.

Countdown to National Gray Day

Did you know: The etiology of brain tumors is unknown; however, ionizing radiation exposure and genetic illnesses enhance a person’s risk of developing tumors.

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📜 History of National Gray Day

Malignant brain tumors develop as a result of brain cancer. These tumors develop as a result of the development of aberrant cells, which may start in the brain or invade the brain from other regions of the body.

Headaches, vomiting, seizures, mental changes, visual issues, periods of unconsciousness, difficulties with motor movements, feelings, or difficulty speaking are some of the main symptoms of brain tumors. However, because so many conditions can be attributed to similar symptoms, it can be challenging to identify brain tumors. Furthermore, because the blood-brain barrier interferes with most imaging technologies, it is challenging to examine the brain.

A cure for brain cancer is currently being investigated. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are all forms of treatment. There are drawbacks to each of these therapies. When there is only one tumor that started in the brain, surgery is the chosen treatment. However, radiation treatment or chemotherapy are needed for certain malignancies that started elsewhere.

☑️ National Gray Day facts

Secondary tumors are more common
Four times as many people get secondary tumors, which start somewhere else and spread to the brain, as they do primary tumors.

The second most common cancer in children
Brain tumors are the second most common type of cancer in children, behind leukemia.

The lifetime cost is significant
Brain cancer is the most expensive kind of cancer in Australia, costing around $1.9 million.

Things to do on National Gray Day

Donate towards research
Despite its severe effects, there is no known treatment for brain cancer. Make use of this day to contribute to research for a cure.

Attend a V.A.B.C. event
Throughout the month of May, Voices Against Brain Cancer conducts a number of activities to raise awareness about brain cancer. Attend a local event and bring your friends and family with you.

Reach out to someone you know
Reach out and provide your support to anyone you know who has brain cancer. If they are having difficulty, assist them in managing their daily tasks so that they may concentrate on getting better.

📅 National Gray Day Observances

2023 May 27 Saturday
2024 May 27 Monday
2025 May 27 Tuesday
2026 May 27 Wednesday
2027 May 27 Thursday

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