National Hand Roll Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Thursday, July 6th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on July 6, National Hand Roll Day is observed. The occasion is devoted to a delectable Japanese hand roll offered by the Sushi Nozawa Group, which has become a way of life and a favorite delicacy for people all over the world.

📆 When is National Hand Roll Day?

This year, National Hand Roll Day is on July 6th. It is the 1st Thursday in July; in 2024, it is on Saturday.

Countdown to National Hand Roll Day

Did you know: Sushi was invented in Southeast Asia.

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📜 History of National Hand Roll Day

Sushi Nozawa Group, the organization behind SUGARFISH, Kazunori, and Nozawa Bar, established National Hand Roll Day. This day was established to commemorate the invention of the hand roll and the more than 40-year-old arrival in America of Chef Nozawa’s cylindrical roll. Japanese sushi, which exalts the senses with vibrant colors, tastes, and sensations, is the subject of National Hand Roll Day.

In order to provide customers with a satisfying hand roll eating experience that was unique and deserving of their restaurant, the Sushi Nozawa Group created the Original Hand Roll Bar, also known as Kazunori, in 2014. It is noted because only the freshest seafood, handmade sauces, specifically gathered seaweed, and branded warm rice are used in Kazunori’s preparation of rolls. When having supper at the bar, customers enjoy their rolls while watching the chef prepare them.

☑️ National Hand Roll Day facts

Real wasabi is very expensive
The wasabi served in many restaurants is not real, since the plant is quite costly.

Maki can be wrapped in anything
An egg, finely diced cucumber, a semi-hard avocado, and soy paper can be substituted for the seaweed.

A compliment to the chef is sake
Buy the chef a shot of sake to express your appreciation.

Things to do on National Hand Roll Day

Visit the sushi restaurant
Visiting a Japanese restaurant is the most convenient and simple way to commemorate National Hand Roll Day. Order hand rolls and enjoy their delicious taste.

Try your first hand roll
It’s time to give hand rolls a try if you’ve never baked or eaten them before. Find the recipe, purchase the ingredients, and get cooking!

Share your story
Many individuals are aware of National Hand Roll Day. Share images or videos of your celebration on social media to help spread the word.

📅 National Hand Roll Day Observances

2022 July 6 Wednesday
2023 July 6 Thursday
2024 July 6 Saturday
2025 July 6 Sunday
2026 July 6 Monday

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