National Jean Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, August 15th. There are until the next observance.

On August 15, National Jean Day commemorates the origin and history of the name. In English-speaking nations, Jean is a common female and male given name. It’s the Scottish version of Jane, and it’s also written Jeanine. Jean stems from the Old French name “Jehanne” and is the equal of Joanne, Jeanne, Johanna, Joanna, Jana, and Joan. Jehanne is derived from the Latin name “Johannes,” which is derived from the Koine Greek name “Ioannes,” which is used for a number of New Testament figures. John the Baptist was the most well-known of these. The Greek name comes from the Biblical Hebrew name “Yochanan,” which is a short version of the name “Yehochanan,” which means “Yahweh is gracious.”

📆 When is National Jean Day?

This year, National Jean Day is on August 15th. It is the 3rd Tuesday in August; in 2024, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to National Jean Day

Did you know: Jean is a tiny business town in Clark County, Nevada, in the United States.

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📜 History of National Jean Day

In 1982, he moved to the United States to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He took odd jobs and worked on a few movies. His breakthrough came when he was cast as the lead in the martial arts film “Bloodsport” (1988).

Van Damme quickly became acquainted with action martial arts film star Chuck Norris. They trained in martial arts together, and Van Damme got a job as a bouncer at Norris’ pub. He later served on the stunt crew for Chuck Norris’ 1984 action picture “Missing in Action.” Since then, he’s been in a number of action blockbusters, which have made him famous all over the world.

Jean Appleton is another noteworthy individual. She was a painter, art instructor, and printer from Australia who worked in a variety of mediums, including oils, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, pencil, and Indian ink. Her artistic desires disciplined her to sketch in her study books.

This did not deter Appleton. She enrolled in several art classes to hone her abilities. She went on to become an art teacher, and her work was widely recognized in the art world. In 1958, she received the Rockdale Art Prize; in 1960, the D’Arcy Morris Memorial Prize; in 1961, the Bathurst Art Prize; and in 1965, the Portia Geach Memorial Award.

☑️ National Jean Day facts

Grandpa to the rescue
Jean Paul Getty Sr., an American-born British petroleum industrialist, arranged his grandson’s abduction and ransom in 1973.

Jean disgraced
Jean Else is the first lady of any British female knighthood order to have her Damehood revoked to date.

An award-winning author
Jean Stafford, an American novelist and short story writer, earned the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1970 for “The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford.”

Things to do on National Jean Day

Watch a Jean-Claude movie
Jean-Claude Van Damme has been in a number of blockbuster films. To commemorate the occasion, invite your pals around for a movie marathon.

Show appreciation
Is there somebody in your life called Jean? Hug them, get them a gift, and show them how much you appreciate them.

Learn some history
Learn more about the name Jean. This name has been given to a number of prominent people throughout history.

📅 National Jean Day Observances

2022 August 15 Monday
2023 August 15 Tuesday
2024 August 15 Thursday
2025 August 15 Friday
2026 August 15 Saturday

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