National Madison Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Monday, November 28th. There are until the next observance.

On November 28th, National Madison Day is observed. The day is dedicated to honoring all Madisons and learning about the name’s origins, meaning, short versions, and distinctiveness. Madison is an English surname originating from a variant version of Mathieson, which means “son of Mathew.” It was originally a male name, but it gradually became a popular girl’s first name. Madison is now used as a unisex name that is not gender specific. However, its popularity as a girl’s name outnumbers its popularity as a boy’s name. Madison had little notoriety as a male name until it became a feminine name.

📆 When is National Madison Day?

This year, National Madison Day is on November 28th. It is the 4th Monday in November; in 2023, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to National Madison Day

Did you know: Madison is perceived as a common, basic, unintellectual, and metropolitan name.

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📜 History of National Madison Day

The 1984 film “Splash” catapulted it to fame. The main character, a mermaid, called herself Madison after witnessing a street marker on Madison Avenue in New York City. Many people laughed at the concept of a woman bearing Madison at first. However, subsequent events demonstrated that the prank was taken seriously and even imitated. Madison rose from being unrecognized as a female name prior to 1985 to becoming the second most common girl’s name in America in 2001 and has remained in that position ever since. It has been in the Top Ten for more than a decade, but is presently rated at 23 in the most recent poll.

James Madison Jr., an American diplomat and Founding Father who served as the fourth President of the United States from 1809 to 1817, is a renowned bearer of the name. Another bearer is Madison Cawthorn, an American politician born in 1995. She is the U.S. representative for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district. Madison Grant-An American lawyer and anthropologist born on November 19, 1865, whose 1918 treatise “The Passing of the Great Race” had a significant influence in shaping immigration policy and anti-miscegenation legislation in the United States, is another noteworthy bearer of the name. Madison Keys is a professional tennis player from the United States who was born in the 1990s. In 2016, she was rated seventh in the Women’s Tennis Association.

☑️ National Madison Day facts

Father of the Constitution
For his involvement in crafting the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, James Madison is known as the “Father of the Constitution.”

Youngest Congressman in North Carolina
James Madison is the first Congressman born in the 1990s.

Famous Madison in the movie industry
Madison Wolfe is widely recognized as the most well-known Madison in the film business.

Things to do on National Madison Day

Toast to the name
Toast your Madison friends at the bar or over a special dinner or lunch. This will make them feel valued.

Connect with Madisons
Show some love and care to the Madisons in your vicinity. Send them nice greeting cards or SMS.

Read about Madisons
It may be tedious, but set aside some time to learn about the name, notable individuals with the name and their accomplishments, and what makes the name distinctive. This will most likely increase your understanding of them and may encourage you to be successful like them.

📅 National Madison Day Observances

2022 November 28 Monday
2023 November 28 Tuesday
2024 November 28 Thursday
2025 November 28 Friday
2026 November 28 Saturday

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