National Pass Gas Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, January 7th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on January 7, National Pass Gas Day is observed, and there is no better day to express ourselves and rid our intestines of stale air without shame. Passing gas is one of those things that can make everyone, from children to adults, laugh. Did you realize that the gas we travel through includes methane and hydrogen, which makes it flammable? But don’t worry, it takes an enormous quantity of gas to explode into flames simply by passing gas. As a result, you can continue to pass as much gas as you like.

📆 When is National Pass Gas Day?

This year, National Pass Gas Day is on January 7th. It is the 1st Saturday in January; in 2024, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to National Pass Gas Day

Did you know: Farts travel at a speed of around ten feet per second, or seven miles per hour.

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📜 History of National Pass Gas Day

We make 17 to 68 ounces of gas every day in our intestines and release it at regular intervals through the anus. The gas comes from the digestive process. It is made up of oxygen, methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and 1% sulfur, which is what makes it smell.

The term “fart” was originally used in 1632 to denote “sending forth wind from the anus.” Following that, various other authors and comedians began to use the phrase and notion, and it eventually became ubiquitous. Our understanding of the origins of National Pass Gas Day is hazy at best. We’re not sure when it started, but we now commemorate the day on January 7 every year. It is a day set aside to make fun of our strange bodies, bring attention to how important it is to pass gas, and talk about foods that cause gas, like eggs, broccoli, beans, cabbage, and dairy products.

☑️ National Pass Gas Day facts

The average number of farts
According to studies, the average person farts at least 14 times every day.

Animals fart too
Cows, sheep, and dogs all fart, with termites farting the most!

Air pressure also affects farting
Mountain climbers fart more as they ascend higher owing to increasing pressure, which stretches their intestines, but scuba divers fart less as they ascend higher.

Things to do on National Pass Gas Day

Pass gas
There is no better day than National Pass Gas Day to do so. Pass gas openly around friends and family for giggles.

Attend a fart championship
On this day, fart championships are held in many towns and nations throughout the world. You may attend them in person or watch them online.

Educate yourself about a diet that reduces gas
If you fart frequently, this is an excellent time to learn about correct diets that balance your internal metabolism and minimize gas. Farting is frequently caused by the meals we consume.

📅 National Pass Gas Day Observances

2023 January 7 Saturday
2024 January 7 Sunday
2025 January 7 Tuesday
2026 January 7 Wednesday
2027 January 7 Thursday

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