National Save Your Hearing Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, May 31st. There are until the next observance.

Better Speech and Hearing Month comes to a close on a high note, but at a quieter volume: May 31 is National Save Your Hearing Day. While it is unknown who created this event, what these enigmatic individuals want is very clear: to safeguard hearing and prevent hearing loss at any cost.

📆 When is National Save Your Hearing Day?

This year, National Save Your Hearing Day is on May 31st. It is the 5th Wednesday in May; in 2024, it is on Friday.

Countdown to National Save Your Hearing Day

Did you know: This guideline states that individuals should listen to music at 60% volume for no more than 60 minutes every day.

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📜 History of National Save Your Hearing Day

The works of the Athenian philosopher Plato provide evidence that sign language usage dates back to ancient times. Contrarily, the oldest reference to a hearing aid is in the works of an Italian professor, who described a device that could enhance sounds.

Whatever the world (and America) eventually discovered about hearing protection, it was prompted by military requirements. There were several new hearing aid innovations throughout both world wars, including earmuffs, earplugs, and ear flaps (to protect hearing). Like most innovations, these earmuffs underwent a number of changes before becoming the plush earplugs we know today. People used to say that the ear cushions had a “vice-like” grip because they were very stiff at first and needed a strong headband to keep them in place.

☑️ National Save Your Hearing Day facts

There’s a limit to noise exposure
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the United States says that people shouldn’t be exposed to noise at 90 decibels for more than eight hours per day. This means that people should use headphones at a normal volume.

Our ears need to recover too
Over-the-ear headphones are preferable to earbuds since they sit directly next to the eardrum.

Over-the-ear headphones are better
Over-the-ear headphones are preferable to earbuds since they sit directly next to the eardrum.

Things to do on National Save Your Hearing Day

Learn how to protect your hearing
This day is best commemorated in a calm and quiet setting. Avoiding loud noises and giving your ears a rest every now and then are two methods to safeguard your hearing. Wear earplugs or other hearing protection whenever you can to avoid being constantly exposed to loud sounds.

Test your hearing
Hearing a ringing sound in your ears after loud events, sounds physically hurting your ears, being unable to hear what others close to you are saying, or needing to raise your voice when talking to others are all symptoms that your ears need to be checked. Whether or not you exhibit symptoms of hearing loss, it is a good idea to have your hearing examined by a physician. Keep a lookout for clinics and physicians offering free ear tests or other promotions to commemorate this day.

Go on a hearing detox
We don’t mean you should spend the entire day using noise-cancelling headphones. Simply rest your ears for an hour every day, avoiding loud noises. Loud noises refer to listening to music with headphones! Increase this to more than an hour if you believe you can go without music for an extended period of time.

📅 National Save Your Hearing Day Observances

2022 May 31 Tuesday
2023 May 31 Wednesday
2024 May 31 Friday
2025 May 31 Saturday
2026 May 31 Sunday

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