National School Backpack Awareness Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, September 20th. There are until the next observance.

On September 20, “National School Backpack Awareness Day,” children are encouraged to wear their backpacks securely. Improper usage can cause back discomfort or damage, which can interfere with learning. On this day, teachers, students, and parents work together to ensure that families are aware of the hazards and that backpacks are correctly worn. It’s for the kids.

πŸ“† When is National School Backpack Awareness Day?

This year, National School Backpack Awareness Day is on September 20th. It is the 3rd Wednesday in September; in 2024, it is on Friday.

Countdown to National School Backpack Awareness Day

β†’ Did you know: Slinging your bag over one shoulder might result in poor posture as well as damage or pain.

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πŸ“œ History of National School Backpack Awareness Day

β˜‘οΈ National School Backpack Awareness Day facts

βœ… ​Adjust the height
Backpacks should be worn high on the back, an inch or two over the hips. ​

βœ… ​Use the waist and chest strap
The horizontal straps aid in weight distribution and load stability as you move.


✨ Things to do on National School Backpack Awareness Day

⚑ Attend an event
Experts can give advice on how to handle backpacks. Find out how big they can become!

⚑ Share it on social
On Facebook or Twitter, everyone knows a parent or a student. Get out there and tell your friends and family about this special day.

⚑ Write down tips
Use a graphic printout or bullet-point list to remind everyone about the basics of backpack safety.

πŸ“… National School Backpack Awareness Day Observances

2023 September 20 Wednesday
2024 September 20 Friday
2025 September 20 Saturday
2026 September 20 Sunday
2027 September 20 Monday

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