National Stuffed Mushroom Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, February 4th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on February 4, National Stuffed Mushroom Day is observed. This delicious meal is commonly served at gatherings and is made by removing the stems of the mushrooms and filling the remaining hollowed region with veggies and meat. Before baking and serving, the mushrooms are topped with cheese and breadcrumbs. We completely understand if you decide to load your face with these nutritious mushrooms today!

📆 When is National Stuffed Mushroom Day?

This year, National Stuffed Mushroom Day is on February 4th. It is the 1st Saturday in February; in 2024, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to National Stuffed Mushroom Day

Did you know: Mushrooms are an important part of the food in many cultures, and they are full of vitamin B and other healthy nutrients.

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📜 History of National Stuffed Mushroom Day

The French began studying fungus for food in the nineteenth century, resulting in the first extensive production of edible mushrooms. Most people preferred the brown crimini mushroom, but what began as an acquired taste later expanded to include more gourmet varieties of mushrooms like shiitakes, morels, and the uncommon and pricey truffles.

Mushrooms are frequently stuffed with garlic, breadcrumbs, parsley, and cheese, although there are other more filling options. In the 1940s, restaurants began selling stuffed mushrooms as a delicacy, with unusual fillings like crabmeat.

☑️ National Stuffed Mushroom Day facts

Mushrooms are diet-friendly
Mushrooms are an excellent diet food since they are low in calories and carbs.

Oregon’s ‘Honey Mushroom’
The world’s largest living thing is a 2400-year-old enormous mushroom occupying 2200 acres in Oregon!

Most mushrooms are inedible
There are about 14,000 different types of mushrooms, the majority of which are toxic.

Things to do on National Stuffed Mushroom Day

Indulge in Stuffed Mushrooms
Consume filled mushrooms’ Today is the big day!

Try a new variety
If you haven’t tried them recently, you might be shocked to hear that there are many types of stuffed mushrooms available in restaurants. Try a filling you’ve never had before and enjoy a flavor unlike any other.

Share it on social media
Why should we have all of the fun? To share your stuffed mushrooms with the world, use the hashtag #NationalStuffedMushroomDay.

📅 National Stuffed Mushroom Day Observances

2024 February 4 Sunday
2025 February 4 Tuesday
2026 February 4 Wednesday
2027 February 4 Thursday
2028 February 4 Friday

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