National Sunday Supper Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, January 8th. There are until the next observance.

National Sunday Supper Day is commemorated each year on the second Sunday in January, this year on January 9, to encourage families to gather around the table to spend time together and bond over a meal. The originator of National Sunday Supper Day began the initiative that resulted in the holiday’s registration as a way to keep close to her oldest daughter, who had left home for college. She encourages people to rediscover the traditional significance of shared meals and family gatherings. Her aim is that one weekly shared lunch will lead to more in homes.

📆 When is National Sunday Supper Day?

This year, National Sunday Supper Day is on January 8th. It is the 2nd Sunday in January; in 2024, it is on Monday.

Countdown to National Sunday Supper Day

Did you know: Isabel Laessig, a well-known gourmet, also founded the Food and Wine Conference.

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📜 History of National Sunday Supper Day

Since then, the second Sunday in January has been designated as National Sunday Supper Day to encourage families to gather around the table to enjoy and bond over a meal. January also happens to be National Supper Month. Life may get so hectic that it is very difficult to sit down and share a meal with the family. This is why we celebrate National Sunday Supper Day. According to Laessig, she was motivated to create her blog and celebrate the first virtual Sunday Supper in 2012 with eight bloggers who are “passionate about bringing families together to cook and eat together.” The goal of the holiday is to strengthen family ties by giving us a chance to spend more time with our families, even if our jobs or other daily activities make it hard to do so.

Laessig’s affable and captivating personality, as well as her desire to help enhance family relationships, have aided her in cooperating with major players in the food and wine sectors to promote the day. Her smart marketing efforts promote family values and connection in an entertaining and practical way. National Sunday Supper Day became popular within a few years of its start, and it still has an effect on family life all over the country.

☑️ National Sunday Supper Day facts

There is pledge
The Sunday Supper Pledge is National Sunday Supper Day’s goal statement for motivating families to have a meal together at least once a week.

Immigrant founder
Isabel Laessig came up with the idea for National Sunday Supper Day. She was born in Portugal, but when she was six, she moved to the United States without knowing any English.

Blogger of note
Laessig has over two million Twitter followers and often writes recipes.

Things to do on National Sunday Supper Day

Organize a family meal
The ideal way to commemorate National Sunday Supper Day is to organize a family supper. Gather your spouse and children to create and eat a great supper while bonding!

Share your recipes
Spread the joy of the day! Share an intriguing recipe for the meal you made for supper with others to inspire them to enjoy the day.

Share the love
If you know of others in your region who are elderly widows or single mothers, you may invite them to join the family. It could also be a good idea to share the lunch with a local club or retirement home, asking their family members to join in.

📅 National Sunday Supper Day Observances

2023 January 8 Sunday
2024 January 8 Monday
2025 January 8 Wednesday
2026 January 8 Thursday
2027 January 8 Friday

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