National Take Back the Lunch Break Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Friday, June 16th. There are until the next observance.

If you miss your lunch break or eat at your desk, today is the day for you. Join us in celebrating National Take Back the Lunch Break Day. This annual event, held on the third Friday of June, urges employees all throughout America to stand up to the plate—the lunch plate, that is—and take a regular and longer lunch break. Why is there such a day? because several research studies have revealed a tendency toward fewer and more frequent lunch breaks among American employees, resulting in worse employee morale and well-being. This day was created to serve as a reminder of the necessity of taking lunch breaks.

📆 When is National Take Back the Lunch Break Day?

This year, National Take Back the Lunch Break Day is on June 16th. It is the 3rd Friday in June; in 2024, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to National Take Back the Lunch Break Day

Did you know: Having the flexibility to take a lunch break is vital to 88% of North American employees when looking for new employment.

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📜 History of National Take Back the Lunch Break Day

Workers with lengthy and set hours were allowed an hour off for lunch, which eventually started to usher in a new era of upheaval.

As time went on, technological advancements like the punch card made sure that every second of a worker’s time was recorded. The “fast lunch” tendency eventually decreased as a result.

However, it is believed that New York is where the “quick lunch” culture first emerged. There were many people seeking meals, and they needed them inexpensively and quickly due to the numerous production facilities spread around this area. Fast food outlets began to appear, including Automats, drugstore lunch counters, soda fountains, sliced wrapped bread, and spreadable peanut butter. Even timed customers were recorded for a month by a New York Times reporter at a single quick-service restaurant in Times Square. He discovered that the saying that New Yorkers “gobble food almost whole” is accurate; one man did it in under 48 seconds!

People eventually grew weary of fast food and started to bring their own lunches. They would leave the office together, which led to a rise in the popularity of shared lunches.

Four years ago, the worldwide hygiene and wellness corporation Essity, which owns the Tork brand, ordered research. They discovered that although nearly all employees considered lunch breaks to be of utmost importance, more than half of them were unable to take extended lunch breaks. According to their research, employees who take a non-working lunch break do better across the board when it comes to engagement indicators such as job satisfaction and productivity. Tork set up National Take Back the Lunch Break Day to get workers all over North America to take lunch breaks and make them happier and more productive.

☑️ National Take Back the Lunch Break Day facts

Mentality matters
Although 88% of CEOs advise their staff to take a lunch break, just 62% feel encouraged to do so.

The perception about lunch breaks
22% of North American managers believe employees who take lunch breaks are less productive.

What coworkers think
13% of people in North America think that if they take lunch breaks every day, their coworkers will think less of them.

Things to do on National Take Back the Lunch Break Day

Get creative for lunch
Want to relax during your lunch break? Pack something exciting and delicious in your lunchbox to build anticipation. Make something with as little prep and cooking time as possible. Try out some of the quick recipes available on the internet, and even plan out a week’s worth of dinners to save time. Make something you enjoy so that you will want to take a break from your work to eat. You may even make it a game by attempting to discover a different restaurant every week.

Eat your lunch
Make a mental note to have lunch at a specific time every day. Together, this habit and the delicious meal you’ve planned will help you break the habit of skipping lunch or eating in front of the computer.

Make it a group event
Spend time with coworkers and friends; attend group lunches with those around you. You may even bring friends and family over for a quick lunch date at a park or a restaurant. Team bonding may also be accomplished by organizing team meals and events at lunchtime. Choose your favorite group activity, then walk outside to have your lunch away from your desk.

📅 National Take Back the Lunch Break Day Observances

2022 June 16 Thursday
2023 June 16 Friday
2024 June 16 Sunday
2025 June 16 Monday
2026 June 16 Tuesday

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