National Tarantula Appreciation Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Tuesday, August 8th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on August 8, National Tarantula Appreciation Day is observed. Tarantulas take center stage and steal the show on this day. This day wants to demonstrate one thing: tarantulas are not at all frightening! These lovely, graceful, and hairy spiders are frequently misinterpreted. While they may appear to be rather menacing, they are actually incredibly kind. Furthermore, they represented power and control. These characteristics inspire others as they discover their life’s mission with self-assurance, authority, and assurance. Find out how you can celebrate National Tarantula Appreciation Day!

📆 When is National Tarantula Appreciation Day?

This year, National Tarantula Appreciation Day is on August 8th. It is the 2nd Tuesday in August; in 2024, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to National Tarantula Appreciation Day

Did you know: Contrary to common assumption, only a few tarantula species carry venom that is dangerous to humans.

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📜 History of National Tarantula Appreciation Day

Tarantulas arrived in India in two lines around 108 million years ago: one in the form of tree-dwellers and the other in the form of burrowers. Tarantulas were extinct in Asia after a geological change separated India from Madagascar 95 million years ago. Spiders swiftly filled up ecological gaps after this wave as they established their survival niche. Because Asia is such a large, subtropical continent, this species has developed and adapted to many habitat and climate circumstances. The indigenous spider family began to grow, including Ornithoctoninae, Thrigmopoeinae, and Poecilotheriinae. Today, Asia is home to hundreds of different spider species.

Tarantulas were later adopted as a literary and mythical icon. The Roman poet Ovid published a poem called “Metamorphoses” in the eighth century A.D. that narrates the account of Arachne’s metamorphosis into a tarantula. Dante Alighieri repeated it in 1308 in his “Divine Comedy, Purgatorio.” However, tarantulas gained a negative image after Swiss author Jeremiah Gotthelf published “The Black Spider,” an allegorical story depicting spiders as the devil’s nefarious activities. However, after creating the children’s tale “Charlotte’s Web,” which presented spiders in a good light, E.B. White rehabilitated the image of spiders in the literary world in 1952.

☑️ National Tarantula Appreciation Day facts

Restricted international trade of tarantulas
Due to an extinction concern, the Mexican red-kneed tarantula is prohibited from the exotic pet trade.

A producer of silk
Tarantulas are well-known natural silk producers.

A delicacy in South America
Roasted tarantula is a traditional dish in several South American nations.

Things to do on National Tarantula Appreciation Day

Adopt a tarantula
If you’re feeling daring, you may spend the day bringing a tarantula into your house. They require little care and are maintained in a spider cage. There is no better way to add excitement to your house than by inviting this gorgeous creature in!

Share photos and videos of tarantulas
There are hundreds of charming tarantula films on YouTube and TikTok. Share them on your feed to help remove the frightening connotation they frequently carry.

Watch horror movies featuring spiders
Arachnophobia monster horror is a prominent scary movie subgenre. Watch horror films including “The Giant Spider Invasion,” “Eight Legged Freaks,” and “Through a Glass Darkly.”

📅 National Tarantula Appreciation Day Observances

2023 August 8 Tuesday
2024 August 8 Thursday
2025 August 8 Friday
2026 August 8 Saturday
2027 August 8 Sunday

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