National Water Balloon Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Friday, August 4th. There are until the next observance.

Every August, the first Friday is designated as National Water Balloon Day. It falls this year. It is devoted to the jiggly water-filled balloons that may make a boring, hot summer day unique and delightful. It is a day to immerse yourself in the moist pleasure and fantastic thrills of a splashy melee with your loved ones, since it falls at the height of summer.

📆 When is National Water Balloon Day?

This year, National Water Balloon Day is on August 4th. It is the 1st Friday in August; in 2024, it is on Sunday.

Countdown to National Water Balloon Day

Did you know: Animal bladders and intestines were used to make the first balloons.

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📜 History of National Water Balloon Day

Water balloons are a mainstay of pool parties, playgrounds, and the summer, and they provide so much delight to those who use them. When you throw a jiggly orb of water and see it explode in a burst of wetness and rubber flakes, you get a rush of adrenaline. Many people find that throwing balloons back and forth is the most exciting thing they can do.

Since its first appearance in 1950, the water balloon has preserved much of its form and function. Edgar Ellington, a British inventor, was only seeking a technique to treat trench foot by filling a rubber sock with water at the time. When he realized it was leaking, he flung the wet sphere on a table and watched it burst. Ellington was delighted with the notion of marketing his unintentional invention as a children’s toy, which it still is to this day.

However, significant developments have occurred in the years after its inception, with several varieties being produced and more effective techniques and technologies to help make it accessible. Water balloon battles can aid in the development of abilities such as tactical thinking, collaboration, and leadership. However, the basic objective of the water balloon remains the same as it was decades ago: to provide people everywhere with simple, wet enjoyment.

Just remember to bring a towel!

☑️ National Water Balloon Day facts

Balloons can travel high in the sky
Latex balloons may go up to three miles above ground.

Popping balloons create small sonic booms
Because the sound of a popped party balloon travels faster than the speed of sound, it is extremely loud.

Helium shrinks in the cold
Helium balloons can stay in a cold room for eight to twelve hours, but they shrink in colder temperatures because of how helium works.

Things to do on National Water Balloon Day

Throw your own party!
Gather your friends or family and have a party! Make sure there are enough balloons for everyone to fling, and remember to play safely. It may be a water balloon fight, but no one should be injured while having fun.

Choose a game to play
While you may play with water balloons however you choose, there are a number of well-known games available if you’re stuck for ideas. One of these is the “water balloon kryptonite” hot potato-style musical chairs game, in which you try not to be the last person holding the balloon (unless you want to get soaked).

Bring some fun to a party
It doesn’t hurt to provide some water balloons if a friend or family member is organizing a party for their children. When you get the go-ahead, show up with as many water balloons as you can to add to the excitement and revel in the echoes of children’s laughter as they reverberate through the pandemonium.

📅 National Water Balloon Day Observances

2022 August 4 Thursday
2023 August 4 Friday
2024 August 4 Sunday
2025 August 4 Monday
2026 August 4 Tuesday

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