National Women’s Checkup Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Monday, May 8th. There are until the next observance.

We enjoy any opportunity to honor women and their importance in our lives, which is why we adore National Women’s Checkup Day, which is observed every year on the second Monday in May, this year on May 8. To carry on the theme, this day occurs immediately after the globe celebrates Mother’s Day. In actuality, it is observed on the Monday after Mother’s Day. This day encourages all women to take more steps and maintain better health by focusing on the necessity of regular checks and doctor’s appointments.

📆 When is National Women’s Checkup Day?

This year, National Women’s Checkup Day is on May 8th. It is the 2nd Monday in May; in 2024, it is on Wednesday.

Countdown to National Women’s Checkup Day

Did you know: According to brain metabolism research, women’s brains appear to be three years younger than men’s brains of the same age, which may explain why women keep their cognitive health for longer.

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📜 History of National Women’s Checkup Day

The fact that women are underrepresented in most major scientific studies has also had an influence on their health. However, countries such as the United States and other Western nations are tackling this by establishing organizations and trials such as the Women’s Health Initiative. This turning point coincided with other worldwide women’s movements throughout the world. During the 20th century, labor movements in North America and Europe led more and more women to demand equality and parity, which led to everyone having the same access to health care.

The Women’s Health Movement, which took place roughly 40 years ago with the purpose of improving healthcare for all women, was a watershed event in women’s health. This movement has evolved into a powerful political force with significant contributions 20 years later. Many feminists have taken up issues concerning women’s health, and the overall progress may be credited to worldwide women’s movements.

Cancer, reproductive health, maternity health, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, violence, mental health, noncommunicable diseases, youth, and aging were named the top 10 women’s health challenges by the World Health Organization in 2015.

☑️ National Women’s Checkup Day facts

Women pay less for life insurance
Women pay less for life insurance than men since they live longer and, according to statistics, their early years are healthier.

Certain diagnostic screenings take precedence
Cervical and breast cancer screenings are two of the most significant women’s health services.

A touchstone for women’s health
“Our Bodies, Ourselves” is still regarded as an expert source of women’s health information after 42 years; it has been published in 26 countries, has nine editions, and has sold over 4 million copies.

Things to do on National Women’s Checkup Day

Visit your doctor
If you haven’t had a routine checkup in a while, make an appointment. Make a list of questions you’d like answered before you go, and make a note of any family history that may be relevant to your health. Go ahead and urge all the ladies in your life to get examined as well.

Improve your health
Change your lifestyle for a healthy you. Consult your doctor for advice on how to make adjustments that are appropriate for your lifestyle and then take actions to progressively enhance your physical and emotional health.

Share with the class
Share with your family and friends the basic ways you are altering and enhancing your health. You may even use social media to have a greater effect by posting regular updates on the improvements you are making. This will encourage other women to make similar health-related adjustments.

📅 National Women’s Checkup Day Observances

2023 May 8 Monday
2024 May 8 Wednesday
2025 May 8 Thursday
2026 May 8 Friday
2027 May 8 Saturday

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