O. Henry Pun-off Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Saturday, May 20th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on May 20, the United States commemorates O. Henry Pun-off Day. In Austin, Texas, the festivities are carried out with zeal. On this day, pun fans meet to engage in a game of wits. Everyone who appreciates puns looks forward to this spoken word competition. The holiday is named after the famous novelist O. Henry, who was well-known for his use of puns, wordplay, and humor in his writing. Do you believe you have what it takes to win the O. Pun-Off Day championship, Henry? Let’s put your knowledge to the test!

📆 When is O. Henry Pun-off Day?

This year, O. Henry Pun-off Day is on May 20th. It is the 3rd Saturday in May; in 2024, it is on Monday.

Countdown to O. Henry Pun-off Day

Did you know: The Mayans were well known for their use of puns.

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📜 History of O. Henry Pun-off Day

The emphasis of the Punslingers competition is improvisation. The themes for the real-time performances are supplied to the partnered competitors. Each participant gets five seconds to deliver a pun when the judges give the all-clear. This goes on until a competitor falters and is eliminated. The last person remaining is the victor.
O was a pen name used by William Sydney Porter. Henry. He rose to fame for his short stories in the last ten years of his life. These tales were adored for their wordplay, puns, and surprising conclusions. On September 11, 1862, O. Henry established “The Rolling Stone,” a satirical journal, in Greensboro, North Carolina. He started contributing to “The Rolling Stone” once “The Houston Post” ran out of money.

O. Henry was charged with embezzlement in 1896 while employed as a bank teller in Austin. After running away to Honduras and New Orleans, he returned to Austin in 1897 when his wife fell ill. After she passed away, O. In Ohio, Henry was a prisoner. And it was at this point that he started penning adventure tales. After being released from jail in 1902, he relocated to New York City and started writing under a pen name. He titled his first collection of short stories, which he authored while incarcerated, “Cabbages and Kings.”

☑️ O. Henry Pun-off Day facts

There are four different kinds of puns
They are homophonic, homographic, homonymic, and portmanteau puns.

“Bob’s Burgers” had a pun quota
Each episode had to have at least four puns.

Puns are trickier than they seem
Puns, according to linguist Salvatore Attardo, are a neurological process.

Things to do on O. Henry Pun-off Day

Share your puns
There’s no better way to honor O. Henry Pun-Off Day than by sharing your finest puns with your pals. Invite them to contribute their own jokes. The more moans there are in response to a pun, the better!

Organize your very own pun-off
Don’t be concerned if you can’t make it to Austin, Texas! Gather your buddies and create your own pun on O. Henry Pun-Off Day. Make your own “Punniest of Shows” and “Punslinger” characters.

Read O. Henry
Relax with O. Henry’s stories after a day of punny business. This is the most appropriate way to end O. Henry Pun-Off Day. Read the ones you haven’t read before, then go back and read your favorites again.

📅 O. Henry Pun-off Day Observances

2022 May 20 Friday
2023 May 20 Saturday
2024 May 20 Monday
2025 May 20 Tuesday
2026 May 20 Wednesday

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