Opera Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Wednesday, February 8th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on February 8, Opera Day is observed. While many of us would identify an opera if we heard one, we may be unfamiliar with its definitions and intricacies. In a nutshell, an opera is a kind of performance art that mixes music with lyrics or dialogues to create a theatrical retelling of a tale. An opera is a performance that combines actors, staging, costumes, and dancing. The name “opera” means “work” in Italian, and the text is known as the “libretto,” which means “small book.” Operas are further broken down into opera seria, which is noble and serious, opera buffa, which is funny, operetta, which is a light opera, and semi-opera, which combines spoken dialogue with sections that sound like a masque.

📆 When is Opera Day?

This year, Opera Day is on February 8th. It is the 2nd Wednesday in February; in 2024, it is on Thursday.

Countdown to Opera Day

Did you know: When Mozart was 12 years old, he composed “Bastien und Bastienne.”

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📜 History of Opera Day

However, like with every creative movement, there were many who sought to reinvent the current art form. Mozart is well-known for his comedic operas like “The Marriage of Figaro,” whereas Verdi is recognized for his bold, patriotic operas. Wagner was a famous opera composer who combined recitatives and arias into an “endless melody.” He was also the first person to think of a “Gesamtkunstwerk,” which is a work of art that combines many different kinds of art.

Composers throughout the twentieth century continued to experiment with the art form, developing novel ideas like atonality and dissonance. Musical theater, the contemporary interpretation of opera, exploded in the modern period. While there are some fundamental distinctions, some musicals, like Les Misérables, which has also been turned into a film, are quite similar to opera. The genre has also affected contemporary entertainment, with soap operas focusing on personal tragedies in the same manner that the original opera did.

☑️ Opera Day facts

San Cassiano, Venice
San Cassiano was the first public opera venue, and it was here that “the father of opera,” Claudio Monteverdi, stressed a more dialogue-based opera.

The longest applause
Plácido Domingo received 101 curtain calls and an 80-minute standing ovation in 1991.

Whistling is not so good
Whistling is equivalent to booing in European opera.

Things to do on Opera Day

Experience an opera
You might mark this historic occasion by attending a show at your local theater. There is no better way to commemorate National Opera Day.

Enjoy opera from home
With convenient Internet connectivity, you can now watch opera performances from the convenience of your own home. Explore YouTube for opera masterpieces by Mozart, Wagner, and even Verdi.

Visit an opera house
The architectural designs of opera theaters are amazing. If you enjoy architecture, look for opera houses near your home. Even if you aren’t, it will be an unforgettable event.

📅 Opera Day Observances

2024 February 8 Thursday
2025 February 8 Saturday
2026 February 8 Sunday
2027 February 8 Monday
2028 February 8 Tuesday

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