Seychelles Independence Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Thursday, June 29th. There are until the next observance.

On June 29, the Seychelles celebrates its independence. Since its independence in 1976, the Seychelles has been a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The anniversary of their independence is generally marked with a raucous display of pride and patriotism that sweeps the city. The brilliant colors of the Seychelles flag are commonly used to adorn streets. Even the lampposts are decked out in glittering lights. The captivating fireworks illuminate the night sky.

📆 When is Seychelles Independence Day?

This year, Seychelles Independence Day is on June 29th. It is the 5th Thursday in June; in 2024, it is on Saturday.

Countdown to Seychelles Independence Day

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📜 History of Seychelles Independence Day

Then, 140 years later, France focused on the Seychelles in an effort to create a quicker route from Mauritius to India. Lazare Picault was sent by Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais, the French administrator of Mauritius, to find the archipelago. In 1742, Picault arrived on Mahé, the island that today bears his name.

In response to the French Revolution, the colonists decided to establish a Colonial Assembly in 1790 and take control of their colony. They believed that rather than following Mauritius’ wishes, the territory of Seychelles should be handed over to the descendants of the colonists who are currently residing there. Jean-Baptiste Queau de Quincy was given control of the colony in 1794. He guided Seychelles through the upcoming years of conflict using his shrewdness and caution.

Edward Madge served as the British regime’s first civil administrator. Quincy stayed in office as Justice of the Peace, and he had a nasty feud. The emergence of fresh political movements didn’t occur until 1964. In the same year, the Seychelles People’s United Party (S.P.U.P. ), which subsequently changed its name to Seychelles People’s Progressive Front(S.P.P.F. . ), was established. They fought for socialism and independence from Britain under the direction of France-Albert RenéAfter elections in 1974 in which both major parties in Seychelles campaigned for independence, negotiations with the British led to an agreement that made Seychelles an independent republic within the Commonwealth on June 29, 1976. s.

☑️ Seychelles Independence Day facts

The highest island mountain
Puncak Jaya Mountain holds such distinction.

Some islands are manmade
Kansai Airport in Japan is built on a man-made island.

A desert island
These are deserted islands.

Things to do on Seychelles Independence Day

Visit a parade
Parades are used by countries to commemorate their independence, and the Seychelles is no exception. Before the parade, find out when and where it will take place so you can watch it.

Participate online
If you are unable to visit the Seychelles and partake in their festivities, look for internet resources, such as articles and videos, that document the day’s happenings. You may also tell others about the day by posting about it.

Your independence
An Independence Day is ideal for making an annual custom of your personal independence. Make an effort to take the first step toward a better lifestyle. Break free from something on which you are dependent—a bad habit, an addiction, and so on.

📅 Seychelles Independence Day Observances

2023 June 29 Thursday
2024 June 29 Saturday
2025 June 29 Sunday
2026 June 29 Monday
2027 June 29 Tuesday

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