Silver Star Service Banner Day for the year 2024 is celebrated/observed on Monday, May 1st. There are until the next observance.

On May 1, “Silver Star Service Banner Day” is observed. On this day, the US military and those who have earned the Silver Star are remembered for what they have done.

📆 When is Silver Star Service Banner Day?

This year, Silver Star Service Banner Day is on May 1st. It is the 1st Monday in May; in 2024, it is on Wednesday.

Countdown to Silver Star Service Banner Day

Did you know: One in every ten service members in the United States military has a major injury as a result of war.

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📜 History of Silver Star Service Banner Day

Silver Star Military Banner Day honors the contributions of service members who are ill, injured, or dying. The day also recognizes people who have received the Silver Star Medal, as well as their families. During World War I, the military flag with blue stars draped with silver threads, representing wounded service soldiers, became customary. However, it was phased out when the United States formally adopted gold and blue star service flags between the wars. Silver represents the bravery of servicemen, while blue represents optimism. The message of Silver Star Service Banner Day is reinforced by these two hues.

Although the Silver Star Families of America (SSFOA) group started the day in 2004, it was only officially recognized in 2010. In addition, the United States House of Representatives designated May 1 as “Silver Star Service Banner Day. The primary goal of Silver Star Families of America (SSFOA) is to elicit appreciation and respect for the sacrifices made by military veterans and members of the United States Armed Forces by displaying a Silver Star Service Banner and/or a Silver Star Flag in a window. Many organizations have stepped up to aid ill, crippled, and wounded combat veterans, as well as to recognize their contributions and those of their families.

☑️ Silver Star Service Banner Day facts

The deserving
Between 100,000 and 150,000 Silver Star Medals have been given by the United States government.

The growth of the Silver Star
Proclamations honoring the Silver Star families have been issued by Saipan, Guam, the Chickasaw Nation, the United States Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia, in addition to the 50 states.

Col. Davis Hackworth
Colonel Davis Hackworth received ten Silver Star Medals for bravery in Vietnam and Korea, the most ever given to a single individual.

Things to do on Silver Star Service Banner Day

Show Gratitude
Many veteran groups hold ceremonies to recognize Silver Star awardees and their families. Volunteer and express your appreciation.

Get involved with the SSFOA
Join the Silver Star Families of America (SSFOA) and help with fundraising and awareness in your community.

Honor the fallen and their families
Bring a flag or flowers to the graves of combat soldiers. You may also express your thanks and respect by taking a family member of a deceased war veteran out to lunch.

📅 Silver Star Service Banner Day Observances

2023 May 1 Monday
2024 May 1 Wednesday
2025 May 1 Thursday
2026 May 1 Friday
2027 May 1 Saturday

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