State Rebellion Day for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Sunday, July 9th. There are until the next observance.

Every year on July 9, the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo celebrates the 1932 Constitutional Revolution with State Rebellion Day. The Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 refers to the revolt of the people of So Paulo, Brazil, against the Brazilian Revolution of 1930, in which Getlio Vargas was elected president of the country. Local discontent increased as a result of Vargas’ administration by decree under a provisional government not subject to the constitution. The goal of the So Paulo Revolution of 1930 was to give states less freedom than they had under the 1891 constitution.

📆 When is State Rebellion Day?

This year, State Rebellion Day is on July 9th. It is the 2nd Sunday in July; in 2024, it is on Tuesday.

Countdown to State Rebellion Day

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📜 History of State Rebellion Day

There were 934 officially reported deaths and an estimated 2,200 unreported deaths in the 87 days of fighting. Even though the military had lost, Vargas eventually agreed to some of the main goals of the state revolutionary movement. These included appointing a governor who was not in the military, holding new elections for the Constituent Assembly, and passing a new constitution in 1934.

The constitution was short-lived, though, as Vargas dissolved the National Congress in 1937 amid a rise in political radicalism and adopted a new one that created the Estado Novo government. As it honors the beginning of the 1932 revolution, July 9 is a holiday and the state of So Paulo’s most significant civic day. It was the final serious military conflict in Brazilian history and the first substantial insurrection against Getlio Vargas’ rule.

☑️ State Rebellion Day facts

✅ A large population
Paulo is one of the world’s five most populous cities.

✅ Third-largest metropolis
So Paulo is the world’s third-biggest city.

✅ A rhinoceros electoral candidate
Cacareco, a rhinoceros, competed as a candidate in the Municipal Council Elections in So Paulo in 1958.

✨ Things to do on State Rebellion Day

⚡ Take a trip to Brazil
State Rebellion Day in Sao Paulo is celebrated in a number of ways around the nation. Visit the country where it rains a lot and go to the places where the uprising happened to see history for yourself.

⚡ Share on social media
You should not be discouraged if you are unable to visit Sao Paulo. You may make a post commemorating State Rebellion Day and the lives lost. Use suitable hashtags to encourage others to participate.

⚡ Read up on São Paulo’s history
Participate in the celebration by learning about So Paulo’s history. Learn about its history, its war for independence, and the numerous historic events that have defined So Paulo.

📅 State Rebellion Day Observances

2022 July 9 Saturday
2023 July 9 Sunday
2024 July 9 Tuesday
2025 July 9 Wednesday
2026 July 9 Thursday

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