Statehood Day in Tennessee for the year 2023 is celebrated/observed on Thursday, June 1st. There are until the next observance.

Tennessee Statehood Day is an annual holiday observed on June 1. On this day, people from all across the state congregate to celebrate and mark the state’s entrance into the Union of the States, which took place on the same day in 1796 when it became the 16th state to be added. A state constitution took many months to complete following admittance.

📆 When is Statehood Day in Tennessee?

This year, Statehood Day in Tennessee is on June 1st. It is the 1st Thursday in June; in 2024, it is on Saturday.

Countdown to Statehood Day in Tennessee

Did you know: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee is the most well-known national park in the United States, as well as the most visited.

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📜 History of Statehood Day in Tennessee

A constitutional convention’s delegates were chosen in December 1795, and they convened in Knoxville in January 1796 to create the state constitution. The new state’s name, Tennessee, was decided upon during this conference. The Tennessee General Assembly, the state’s new legislature, was chosen in February following the completion of the constitution. After the assembly met in March 1796, John Sevier was appointed the state’s first governor the next day. Tennessee became the 16th state and the first to be set up on federal land when it joined the Union on June 1, 1796.

Since then, the state has experienced a number of changes. In 2002, a lottery was added to the Tennessee constitution. The state constitution was changed in 2006 to outlaw same-sex unions. In 2015, the United States Supreme Court struck down this amendment. The greatest industrial waste catastrophe in American history occurred in December 2008 when more than 1.1 billion gallons of coal ash slurry were unintentionally discharged into the Emory and Clinch Rivers at T.V.A.’s Kingston Fossil Plant. The cleaning, which lasted until 2015 and cost over a billion dollars,

☑️ Statehood Day in Tennessee facts

Elvis lived in Tennessee
Did you know you can go to Elvis Presley’s old house in Tennessee, which is more popular than the White House?

The Lost Sea
Sweetwater, Tennessee, is home to the world’s largest subterranean lake!

Tennessee is a Volunteer State
Tennessee is known as the “Volunteer State” because many individuals volunteered throughout the state, notably in New Orleans, during the War of 1812.

Things to do on Statehood Day in Tennessee

Set up a flag
Bring out your Tennessee flag and display it on your doorstep. Your neighbors will certainly notice that you are participating in this beautiful celebration!

Travel to Tennessee
This is an excellent time to visit Tennessee! You’ll learn a lot more about the history of the state and get to see some of America’s most interesting sites!

Visit the State Museum
During Tennessee Statehood Day celebrations, the State Museum provides a variety of events. It’s also an excellent site to learn about the region’s history. Don’t forget to bring your family and friends on your trip!

📅 Statehood Day in Tennessee Observances

2022 June 1 Wednesday
2023 June 1 Thursday
2024 June 1 Saturday
2025 June 1 Sunday
2026 June 1 Monday

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